5 Egyptian films take part in Arabic Film Festival in Zurich
Ahram Online, Sunday 11 Nov 2012
The festival in November will screen films from a number of Arab countries, and is focused on the Arab Spring

Five Egyptian films, Microphone, Ahasees (Senses), 678, Ahmar Bahet (Pale Red), and the four-minute animation Thakar we Ontha (Male and Female) are to be screened at the first annual International Arabic Film Festival (IAFF) in Zurich, to be held from 16 November to 25 November.

The organisers of Zurich’s first International Arabic Film Festival stressed that they are seeking to pay tribute to the dynamic Arab film scene. The selection that will be screened in the Swiss city includes films produced in the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt between 2009 and 2012.

The 10-day film festival is dedicated to the Arab region and the political changes that resulted from the Arab Spring of 2011. IAFF brings a versatile programmewith a selection of documentaries, animation andfeature films from young film-making from Arab countries,examining various aspects of society, culture, and politics "in some sort of sarcasm," the IAFF announces.

IAFF aims at bringing Swiss audiences a fresh view of social and cultural issues in the Middle East and North Africa, according to the festival's press release.

"Aside from the high entertainment value of the programme, the festival allows Swiss society to interact with crucial topics such as religion, fanaticism, politics, terrorism, and the role of women in Arab society, all through a fresh perspective."

The selection of films aims to show both the religiously conservative side of the region as well as its modern aspect.Furthermore, as IAFF aims to bring two cultures together. It will also hold public discussions and analysis on the Arab Spring, including the role of the youth and the usage of social networking sites.

The festival will include a seminar about 'Film production in the Arab world under the influence of government censorship,' scheduled for 18 November.