Egypt Cinema syndicate rejects Morsi's constitutional declaration
Ahram Online, Monday 26 Nov 2012
The Egyptian Cinema Sydicate calls President Morsi's constitutional declaration undemocratic, but denies calling on its members to support Tuesday protests

The Egyptian Cinema Syndicate announced its rejection of President Mohamed Morsi's recent constitutional declaration saying that it "resembles the dictatorship that was toppled by the January revolution and it destroys dreams that the glorious martyrs died for."

However, in spite of their denouncement of the constitutional declaration, the syndicate made clear in the statement it issued on Sunday that it did not endorse the call for mass protests on Tuesday "as it fears they might turn into a new battle of the camel."

The syndicate also requested from the organisers of the Cairo Film Festival to avoid celebratory tones, to abide by the revolutionaries' demands and show respect for the protests that will coincide with the opening of the film festival.