Salafist El-Nour Party spokesman blames liberal forces, media and dissolved NDP for constitution fears
Ahram Online, Sunday 16 Dec 2012
Liberal forces deliberately spread rumours about the constitution in order to undermine it, says Salafist spokesman

Yousry Hammad, official spokesman of the Salafist El-Nour Party, accused Sunday via his Facebook page the media and dissolved National Democratic Party of using all means to stop the forward momentum of Egypt.

The official Salafist spokesman said "it is no surprise that people were misled by liberal forces as the law does not stop them." He further accused liberals of "promoting lies" and "underestimating the minds of the citizens."

Hammad explained that liberals were "promoting that voting yes in the constitution will increase taxes, increase the prices of 29 main commodities, cancel free education, violate child rights, cancel khulaa (the right of women to seek divorce), diminish womens' rights, allow girls to marry at nine years, increase the authorities of the president, infringe judicial authorities and substitute Constitutional Court members."

He described the danger of the rumours spread around the constitution: "If they were to spread [the same] on holy books, illiterate people would have deviated from it."

Hammad asserted that the accusations are false and that the constitution does not include what is being claimed by liberals.

Half of eligible Egyptians voted in the first phase of the referendum on the constitution Saturday, while the remainder will vote 22 December.

There have been many reports of "questionable" activities at polling stations, and various stations were short of judicial supervisors as judges vowed to boycott the poll in protest at the draft constitution.

The opposition umbrella group, the National Salvation Front (NSF), has rejected the results presented by the Freedom and Justice Party that gave a slim win to the Yes vote, claiming instead that 66 per cent of Egyptians voted No in the first round. The NSF also added that it had documented "unprecedented rigging," including 750 violations of electoral law across 10 governorates.