An operetta on the Prophet Muhammad to be released
Ahram Online, Wednesday 16 Jan 2013
Fifty Arab artists have joined to bring together the operetta "Innocence, O Messenger of God" in Amman, Jordan -- to be released soon over television

The production of an operetta entitled "Innocence, O Messenger of God" -- to be released soon across the Middle East and abroad -- is underway in Amman, Jordan, the Arabic Al Ahram reported. Written by the poet Saleh El-Shady, distributed by Ayman Al-Abdullah, and directed by Sandra Kaawar, the operetta embodies the coexistence of Muslims and Christians across the Arab world, sending out a message about Islam as a religion.

"Innocence, O Messenger of God" comes in response to "The Innocence of Islam", the independent film attacking the Prophet, made back in September 2012. "Innocence, O Messenger of God" is to be translated into five languages: English, Italian, French, Persian and Urdu; it will be broadcast over 150 television channels acoss the Arab region and beyond. The 50 operetta singers along with the entire production team are currently in Amman to finalise the recording and filming of the work.