Brotherhood's El-Erian denies wrongdoing as a unionist in Doctor's Syndicate
Ahram Online, Saturday 30 Mar 2013
Leading FJP members says he was imprisoned when financial violations in Doctors' Syndicate were committed in the 1990's

Leading Muslim Brotherhood member Essam El-Erian has denied financial wrongdoing during his post as treasurer of Egypt's Doctors' Syndicate in the 1990's.

An official report on the Doctors Syndicate financial records issued by Egypt's Central Auditing Organization (CAO) was presented in Friday's general assembly revealing the waste of hundreds of thousands of pounds during the year 2011-2012 when El-Erian was the treasurer.

El-Erian, also the vice president of the Brotherhood's political wing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said in a statement on his official Facebook account on Friday that he "challenges any thief or liar to falsely claim any matter regarding his performance as the treasurer of Egypt's Doctors' Syndicate."

He later published a detailed statement saying that the CAO's report "did not mention his name" and that the error is "attributed to the previous board... because it did not discipline doctors who failed to pay their debts... in the years 1994-1996 during which [he] was imprisoned."

El-Erian also said that during his post as treasurer the syndicate prosecuted members who failed to pay their debts "and was able to recover most of [them]."

He added that while the current board announced that it will investigate anyone proven to commit a violation, El-Erian has discipline three syndicate employees during his time as "covering up a corrupt employee is not acceptable."=

However, Mohamed Shafiq, member of reform group Doctors Without Rights, told Ahram Online on Friday that, "It’s El-Erian who should be held accountable for these violations... [as the report details 2011-2012 finances]."

On the other hand, the syndicate's assistant general-secretary Abdallah El-Keriouny, said that, "news about El-Erian committing embezzlement of [over 300 thousand EGP] as treasurer are all false."

"The [CAO report] had reservations on financial and accounting procedures [in 2011], but it did not refer to any embezzlement or theft by any members of the former board."

El-Erian said that he has commissioned a lawyer to follow all that is being published with the intent of tarnishing his reputation.

"If those who spread lies without seeking accuracy do not stop, we will go after them no matter what it costs us," he said.