Egypt's Ain Shams University students condemn suspension of classes
Ahram Online, Thursday 18 Apr 2013
Students denounce Egypt's Ain Shams Univeristy administration's decision to suspend classes after clashes erupt on campus, slam attempts to blame them for violence

Egypt's Ain Shams University has come under fire from students for suspending classes after violent clashes broke out on campus.

In a press conference on Thursday, students from several revolutionary parties said the university administration is well aware of the criminals who caused the clashes on campus.

Student Ahmed Abu El-Leil, member of the student’s arm of the Islamist Wasat Party, condemned the recent violence. He also condemned the education minister's lack of response to the clashes.

The students also slammed the university’s attempt to blame the violence on the political disagreements between the students.

“Everyone knows that the university is a fertile ground for thugs,” said Moustafa Fouad, member of the liberal Dostour Party.
In the press conference, the students also demanded the removal of Lietunant Hatem Samir, the head of the university security, accusing him of having suspicious relations with state security.

The university suspended classes on Wednesday citing security reasons.

Clashes broke out between students and thugs on Ain Shams University campus in Cairo Sunday following a march held by students to the university headquarters.

The assailants obstructed the student march, pelting it with rocks and glass.

Students were lobbying for tighter on-campus security as well as an end to thuggery after having been attacked by unknown assailants several times.