Egypt's military set to vote by July 2020
Ahram Online, Sunday 9 Jun 2013
Following a High Constitutional Court ruling, and while the deputy defence minister urges caution, the Shura Council agrees to open voting to the armed forces and police before 2020

The Shura Council's Legislative and Constitutional Affairs Committee agreed Sunday to include military personnel in elections before July 2020, according to Al-Ahram Arabic language news website.

Deputy Defence Minister Major Mamdouh Shahin asked committee members to postponeincluding army and police personnel in upcoming election voter lists.

Shahin raised doubts on whether thestatecan managethe upcoming parliamentary elections withoutthe security of the army,if the armed forces officers and personnel would be eligible to vote.

MPs all agreed that armed forces security is essential to thecommingelectoral process.

Earlier, on 26 May, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Hatem Bagato said thatthe declaration by Egypt's High Constitutional Court (HCC) stating that members of the military and police should be eligible to vote in elections will not be challenged by the Shura Council (the upper house of Egypt's parliament, currently endowed with legislative powers).

According to Egypt's new constitution, all laws drafted by parliament must be subject to review by the HCC. If the court finds any proposed legislation unconstitutional, that legislation must be amended.

The HCC's decision deeming the voting ban on police and military members unconstitutional drew criticism from several quarters.