Strong Egypt Party to gather public opinion on Morsi's performance
Ahram Online, Wednesday 12 Jun 2013
Strong Egypt Party launches polling, survey to evaluate President Mohamed Morsi's performance since his inauguration, amid increasing public discontent

The moderate Islamist Strong Egypt Party has launched a public opinion campaign to assess President Mohamed Morsi's performance a year after his inauguration.

"Evaluating a year with Morsi" campaign aims to measure Egyptian public anger, holding Morsi accountable for his promises, according to the Strong Egypt Party statement.

Egypt is expected to witness mass demonstrations planned for 30 June to demand Morsi's ouster and snap presidential elections.

The campaign will assess Morsi's promises to fulfil Egypt's January 25 Revolution demands of "bread, freedom, and social justice," his promises for his first 100 days in power, electoral programme and the Renaissance Project.

The 100-day plan is the first phase of the Muslim Brotherhood's Renaissance Project, which it has been promoting before Morsi became the group's presidential candidate in 2012.

As part of the project implementation, President Morsi promised major reforms in five key areas (traffic, garbage collection, bread, security and fuel) to be fulfilled in his first 100 days in office. However, the president was heavily criticized by his opponents for that they deemed his failure to fulfil any of his promises.

Two days before the 100 days expired, the president admitted that he and his government had failed to fulfil all their targets, but also claimed some successes.

The Strong Egypt Party statement explained that 15 tasks and five of Morsi's promises were selected for each strategy. The statement added that an opinion poll will be completed each day to ask Egyptians on one task a day.

Party members will also conduct the survey on the ground to reach the maximum number of Egyptians, the statement read.

Earlier on Tuesday, the leading opposition activist Ahmed Bahaa El-Din Shaaban rejected fresh calls by President Morsi for "national reconciliation," voicing hope that Egypt's broad political opposition would adopt a "collective stance" against the president's appeal.

Shaaban is head of the Egyptian Socialist Party and a leading member of the National Salvation Front (NSF), Egypt's main opposition umbrella group.

Morsi extended the invitation at a Monday conference organised by Islamist parties and groups devoted to the ongoing row with Ethiopia over the latter's Grand Renaissance Dam project.