112 wounded in bloody violence in Egypt's Suez
Ahram Online , Monday 22 Jul 2013
Street fighting between loyalists and opponents of Egypt's toppled president Mohamed Morsi in canal city of Suez leaves over a hundred injured

112 people were wounded inhours-long street battlebetween loyalists and opponents of Egypt's deposed Islamist leader in the canal city of Suez on Sunday night, state news agency MENA reported.

Those injured, including two children, suffered gunshot and birdshot wounds, medical sources said.

Both factions have exchanged blame for the bloody violence.

Clashes, which extended for several hours, broke out when a march by ousted president Mohamed Morsi's Islamist backers entered the city's iconic Al-Arbaeen Square, scene of opposition rallies since the 2011 revolution, MENA said.

Pro-Morsi protesters were verbally assaulted by opponents as they marched ahead, an eyewitness told Ahram Online.

Violence flared later into surrounding streets with both sides excahnging gunfire and stone-throwing.

Inflitrated thugs smashed five cars, robbed tires and shattered shop windows in the melee, Ahram Arabic news website reported.

Tens of the victims filed a report of the incident accusing a number of the ex-president's Muslim Brotherhood figures of instigating "thugs" and gunmen to attack Suez residents.

According to MENA, nine Morsi supporters were wounded in the skirmishes.

The Muslim Brotherhood claimed one of its loyalists was killed and 150 injured, including women and children. It blamed the large-scale violence on thugs from Egypt's anti-Morsi Rebel campaign, the liberal-leaning Constitution Party and the Egyptian Popular Current, using birdshot and Molotov cocktail.

Tensions have been running high between the rival factions since the army's overthrow of the Islamist leader on 3 July, resulting in several deadly clashes with the unrest claiming more than 100 lives.

Last week, seven people were killed and hundreds injured in overnight confrontations between the police and Morsi's proponents in downtown Cairo and Giza.