Police won't allow 'mad people' to disturb Egypt's peace: Minister
Ahram Online, Sunday 28 Jul 2013
Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim urges new officers 'to protect the 30 June revolution'

General Mohamed Ibrahim, Egypt's Minister of Interior, said all efforts will be taken to protect national security, adding that all police exertions are a result of their return to the "side of the Egyptian people."

He called on the officers to support him in his security efforts.

"30 June revolution confirmed the extent of pressure police officers faced and that the ministry of interior insists on responding to the call of Egyptians and all its men are paying dearly under the rule of law," Ibrahim said in a statement during the graduation of a new class of police academy students on Sunday.

"We will not allow any mad, spiteful men to disturb the peace."

"Salute to the great Egyptian people who made these miracles....impressing the whole world, giving the police and army the mandate to respond decisively to anyone who poses a risk to the stability of the nation," Ibrahim stressed

He also saluted Field Marshal Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the armed forces "for honouring to the popular will of the people, and protecting the nation from eminent danger."

This statement comes one day following clashes between the police and Morsi supporters in Nasr City which left at least 100 protesters dead and hundreds more injured.

The ministry of interior claims that the sit-in was not peaceful and that police was attacked by armed protesters, escalating the conflict.

Morsi supporters, however, maintain the police attacked them in cold blood.