April 6 activist warns Morsi supporters against being made 'scapegoats'
Ahram Online , Thursday 1 Aug 2013
April 6's Ingy Hamdy rejects use of 'collective punishment' against pro-Morsi demonstrators

A leading member of the April 6 Youth Movement, Ingy Hamdy, has called on protesters at the pro-Morsi sit-in in Cairo's Nasr City to allow NGOs and a committee from the general prosecution to search their sit-in in order to corroborate the existence of weapons.

Critics have maintained that the protesters at the sit-in in Rabaa Al-Adawiya square are armed.

Hamdy further asked for investigations into recent allegations of torture and killing of civilians inside the sit-in. Posting on her Twitter account on Wednesday, the activist said that those protesters who are not wanted by security should be given guarantees that they will not be tracked down by authorities.

"Do not be scapegoats for the leaders of your groups; have mercy on us and on Egypt," said Hamdy on her Twitter account.

Hamdy also expressed her disapproval with the cabinet's decision to authorise the ministry of interior to disperse the pro-Morsi sit-ins in Giza and Nasr City.

Earlier on Wednesday, Egypt's cabinet announced that it will take "all legal measures necessary to confront acts of terrorism and road-blocking."

In its statement, the cabinet also concluded that the sit-ins "are no longer acceptable as they constitute a threat to the country's national security."

"How come after three revolutionary waves which ousted three oppressive regimes, those ruling still think that violently dispersing sit-ins is the solution?" asked Hamdy, stressing that the state is responsible for punishing those behind the collapse of the country, but that "we must all be against collective punishment."