Your way out of: WEIGHT GAIN part III
Ingy Deif, Thursday 29 Aug 2013
In this three-part series, Ahram Online speaks with experts on changes you might be experiencing during these tumultuous times in Egypt under curfew

Now about that extra flub. Social networks have been buzzing with talk of the "inevitable" weight gain. "We haven't yet lost the kilograms we piled on during the previous curfew, so watch out!"

Dr Ehab Salama, obesity and underweight treatment consultant says that stress and anxiety, topped by an early curfew, are the easiest way to pile on extra weight. Stressing that nutritional changes are essential to avoid this unwanted weight gain, he gives the following advice:

Stick to the golden rule of "five a day" – eating five units of different kinds of vegetables and fruits.

Reduce the fat content of your foods.

Switch from fried to grilled.

Switch dairy, regular caffeinated drinks to green tea because it raises the metabolism.

Trim the fat off meat and chicken and remove the skin.

Drink eight glasses of water a day as an absolute must. They will fill you up and counter the dehydrating effects of coffee and tea.

Switch from butter and margarine to oil.

Serve food on small plates rather than large ones, as this has been proven to help a person subconsciously accept smaller portions.

Fill your fridge with healthy food only. Since treats and snacks are unavoidable, especially if you have kids, you will be munching on nuts, fruits, low-fat popcorn, low-fat jelly...etc. You and the kids won't be able to reach what is not already in the fridge!

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