Western donors will not cut aid to Egypt: Saudi FM
Ahram Online, Sunday 1 Sep 2013
Saud Al-Faisal says Egypt is too important for Western Donors to cut aid; Promises Arab nations will support Egypt

Foreign donors will not cut off aid to Egypt because the country is too important, Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, Prince Saud Al-Faisal said on Sunday.

In a press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Nabil Fahmy, Al-Faisal said rumours of Western countries cutting aid to Egypt are "just threats."

"All countries want to have good relations with Egypt," Al-Faisal said.

Donors threatened to withhold aid to Egypt following the violent dispersal of two Muslim Brotherhood protest camps in Cairo on 14 August. At least 900 people, including 100 police personnel died in the resulting violence. Officials in Western capitals have voiced concern over the ongoing crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood.

On 21 August, The European Union agreed to impose an arms embargo on Egypt, including the transfer of any equipment that could be used for repression.

Across the Atlantic, several US Senators have called on Washington to suspend its $1.3 billion in annual aid to Egypt's military.

"The Kingdom will stand with Egypt in all fields," Saudi Foreign Minister Al-Faisal said.

Saudi Arabia, the world's top oil exporter, pledged $5 billion to Egypt after the army's ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood's Mohamed Morsi on 3 July following mass protests against the Islamist leader. The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have also pledged $7 billion.

Al-Faisal said on 19 August that his country, which boasts a budget surplus of over $100 billion, would compensate Egypt for any aid cuts from Western nations.

"To those who have declared they are stopping aid to Egypt or are waving such a threat: Arab and Muslim nations are wealthy in population and resources and will not shy away from offering a helping hand to Egypt," he said.