Egypt's social democrats reject individual voting system
Ahram Online, Wednesday 4 Sep 2013
Social Democratic Party says it opposes return to individual candidacy system for parliamentary polls because it would benefit wealthy candidates and reduce opportunities for women and Copts

Egyptian Social Democratic Party leader Mohamed Abul-Ghar has said his party rejects the proposed return of an individual candidacy system for parliamentary elections.

During a meeting on Tuesday with Ahmed El-Muslimany, the interim president's media advisor, Abul-Ghar said the proposed system was "a disaster."

Abul-Ghar, who sits on the 50-member constitution-amending committee, added: "We warned that the individual candidacy system would mean elections become a war between the rich who can spend a lot of money on campaigns."

According to Abul-Ghar, the individual candidacy system would also make elections less transparent and fair, as well as reducing opportunities for women and Coptic Christian candidates.

His party preferred the list candidacy system, Abul-Ghar added.

The ten-member technical committee assigned to suggest amendments to the 2012 constitution has suggested returning to the individual candidacy system for parliamentary elections, instead of the current mixed system of individual candidates and party lists.

El-Muslimany is meeting party leaders from across the spectrum to hear their views on the transitional period and the political roadmap.

Both PM Hazem El Beblawy and vice PM Ziad Bahaa El Din are members of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party.