BREAKING: Jordan MP shoots at but misses fellow lawmaker
AP, Tuesday 10 Sep 2013
Jordanian MP tries to shoot at fellow MP over heated dispute

Two Jordanian lawmakers said a fellow deputy fired an automatic rifle at another parliamentarian on Tuesday in a corridor of the Chamber of Deputies over a personal dispute but missed.

More commonly and during heated debates, lawmakers have hurled shoes and bottled water at each other. This was the first incident in recent history involving a discharged firearm in the 180-member chamber.

Over the summer, a deputy tried to point his gun at another lawmaker during a televised debated but was overpowered by colleagues.

Weapons are officially banned inside parliament.

The two lawmakers said action will be taken against the shooter, who fired several shots. It includes lifting his immunity and handing him over to police.

The names of the four lawmakers could not be published under parliament rules.