Mubarak’s trial will proceed: member of Egypt's ruling military
Ahram Online, Wednesday 6 Apr 2011
In an ongoing meeting in Alexandria, Egypt, a member of Egypt’s ruling military assured that Mubarak’s trial is on track and wriggles around requests to postpone parliamentary elections

Mohsen El-Fangary, member of Supreme Council of Armed Forces (SCAF)assured that they will proceed with the trial of ousted President Hosni Mubarak in a meeting with a group of youth in Alexandria, Egypt today. This promise was made although there is no schedule for the trial.

The youth called for postponing the parliamentary elections scheduled for September so as not to let the Muslim Brotherhood win the majority of seats. The MB is the only group that was able to resist the government’s tactics throughout many years to quash opposition.

“I wonder why you are afraid of the MB when 25 January Youth are capable of calling millions of Egyptians to protest,” countered El-Fangary.

Moreover, some youth have voiced their concerns about the Salafis’ acts, who have posted banners in Alexandria streets that say that democracy and a civil state are against God. Salafis who attended the meeting have denied they are responsible.

The meeting is currently taking place in Alexandria now.