Armed Forces orders arrest of NDP's Ibrahim Kamel
Sherif Tarek, Saturday 9 Apr 2011
After clearing Tahrir Square early this morning by force, Egypt's ruling military council announced the arrest of one former strong man of the old regime on charges of thuggery

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has ordered the arrest of business tycoon Ibrahim ‎Kamel, one of the National Democratic Party (NDP) strong men. He is accused of being involved in ‎instigating violent clashes between demonstrators and army forces late on Friday. ‎

Hundreds of Egyptians defied soldiers who tried to disperse them overnight from Tahrir ‎Square and vowed Saturday to keep protesting until ex-President Hosni Mubarak is tried ‎and other demands met.‎

Some demonstrators, angry at the army's use of tasers and batons to try to drive them out ‎of Tahrir, hurled rocks at a burning army bus and truck. Gunshots echoed around the ‎square during the night as the army sought to clear the area, Reuters reported.

After a protest by hundreds of thousands of Egyptians on Friday, the army ‎surrounded the square after curfew, set from 2am to 5am, to push out those who ‎remained.‎

Kamel, one of ousted president HosniMubarak's inner clique, is indicted on charges of premeditated thuggery. He is ‎believed to have hired thugs to wreak ‎havoc in the country so as to create a climate of fear and chaos.

The ruling military council also announced that Kamel’s followers, Wael Aboul-Leil, Tarek Soliman and Khaled Mohamed Ismail are wanted.According to the statement, all three men were in Tahrir Square during curfew in the early ‎hours of Saturday, having bullied and terrorised civilians. ‎

The military council underlined that their forces will work resolutely to prevent NDP remnants from threatening national security.

Ibrahim Kamel's name was implicated in the so-called "battle of the camel", on 28 January, in which waves of NDP related thugs were hurled at the pro-democracy protesters in Tahrir square, using molotov cocktail bombs, live ammunition and rocks. It also included the famous attack by camel and horse-back hooligans wielding swords and cudgles. ‎