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The three assailants escaped on a motorbike after shooting the police officer
The Egyptian president’s decree to extend the armed forces participation in the Yemen conflict for another six months comes only days after the government also extended their deployment
Tens of thousands of Egyptian workers have returned from Libya since 2011 following the overthrow of long-time autocrat Muammar Gaddafi
The inauguration will take place on 6 August
A wave of violence was unleashed following the dispersal of pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins in July 2013
Minister of Transitional Justice, Ibrahim El-Heneidy, says that the amendment to the law is to speed up the procedures to put fugitives on trial
The students were accused of rioting and assault during protests last March
A statement by the army spokesman also notes that 58 suspects were arrested, 47 bombs dismantled and nine terrorist hideouts destroyed
Egypt is planning a huge bash at this week’s inaugural ceremony of the new Suez Canal  
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Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop revealed that her country warned Egyptian authorities ...

Fourteen more tank turrets are expected to be delivered this month

Established in 1914, the Animal Museum features the world's earliest mummified crocodile

Most Egyptian channels are broadcast from the media complex

Egypt usually witnesses hot weather during this period of the year

Despite the nuclear deal that opens the way for Iran to return to the regional arena from relative isolation, Egypt will not be changing the status quo ante in its foreign policy, at least for ‘a while to come’

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A business dispute between Al-Masry Al-Youm newspaper and Promo Media advertising leaves the latter in financial crisis and calls into question the viability of advertising revenue driven media

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A visit to Riyadh by the head of Hamas left consternation among some parties and questions among some observers. What did Saudi Arabia aim to achieve, asks Ahmed Eleiba

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