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This is the second time workers at the digging site have found the remains of a dead soldier
The jihadist group Soldiers of Egypt has claimed several anti-police attacks recently, including two separate incidents that combined killed four officers
Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab condemns protests at universities after a student dies from birdshot wounds sustained during clashes at Alexandria University
Mehanna, head of the arts syndicate unions, was convicted of defrauding Alexandria Bank
Microbus hits car on Al-Awayed Bridge, sending it through safety barrier onto street below
26 defendants were charged in 2012 with establishing a terrorist cell in Cairo's Nasr City to plot attacks in Egypt
Drive-by shooting in the southern governorate of Minya kills one, inures another; minor bombing in Nile Delta injures two others
Presidential spokesperson says no ministerial reshuffle will take place before the parliamentary election, which is expected before the end of the year
Although the electoral districts law is the last step before parliamentary elections can take place, it still needs to reach 'consensus among political forces'  

Prosecutors examining on Wednesday evening the scene of the explosion outside Cairo University ...

Tens of primary school students in Egypt's Suez are rushed to hospital with stomach aches after eating a meal that included suspect chocolate-milk bottles; health ministry says lab reports showed drink-in-question is valid

The talks in Addis Ababa, now planned for 1-3 November, come after a recent tripartite meeting over Ethiopia's Grand Renaissance Dam

An Egyptian court has lifted a travel ban for two writers/activists accused along with 18 other public figures of insulting the judiciary

Several people have been arrested in recent months for online posts that urge violence against the police and army

With cases of child abduction on the rise, how safe are the country’s children?

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