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Thirteen Egyptians were killed last week in central Libya during a fight with the families of human traffickers
At least 40 police personnel stormed the press syndicate on Sunday to arrest two journalists
Egypt’s oldest public daily newspaper expects the sacking of the interior minister in response to the storming of the journalists syndicate on Sunday

Egypt's speaker of parliament Ali Abdel-Al arrived in the South African capital of ...

Mohamed El-Shora, 36, won with over 32,000 votes
The policeman is being charged with unpremeditated deliberate murder
Both leaders spoke on the phone and stressed the need for the two African Union members to reinforce regional cooperation
More than 230 civilians have died during the fighting in the northern Syrian city in the last week

Members of Egypt's Journalist Syndicate are expected to head on Wednesday to the syndicate ...  

Egypt's top prosecutor issued a gag order in the case of the storming of the Journalists Syndicate ...

Egypt's President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi told a US congressional delegation in Cairo on Tuesday ...

An Egyptian interior ministry email was mistakenly sent to journalists on Tuesday stating that ...

Sudan reiterated its claim on Monday that it had "sovereign rights" over the disputed ...

Egyptian prosecutors had issued a statement earlier Monday saying the 2 journalists arrested from the press syndicate Sunday evening are currently being questioned on accusations of spreading false news and incitement

Stray animals in Egypt's cities often suffer horrible abuse. But committed volunteer rescuers offer hope, against the odds

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More and more people are protesting against high electricity, gas and water prices by flooding social media with pictures of their bills

Experts say that the disagreements between Egypt and Saudi Arabia over some regional issue will not affect the long term partnership

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