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Egypt's army announces it killed 7 militants in an operation in North Sinai
Mohamed Abu Bakr states that no Egyptians have been killed in Karimiya rocket attacks amid conflicting reports from other sources
The prison department's decision is in accordance with the government's frequent pardoning of prisoners during national holidays
Qalioubiya health ministry denies media reports of deaths during clashes between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and police
Egyptian military bands greet travellers on two roads operated by the army; survey passengers on road services
On the first day of Eid holidays, a delay in the arrival of explosives police keeps Giza Zoo gates closed
Ahram Online talks to three Cairenes of different generations about Eid traditions from their youth that are less popular or disappeared today
The last day of the holy month of fasting is Sunday
Three years on, Egyptian charities struggle to survive the trying economic impact of the January 25 Revolution  
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Egypt condemned the death of eight children and the injury of many others caused by a missile that slammed into a public playground in the seafront of Shati UN refugee camp on Monday

Approximately one hundred Palestinians wounded in the 19-day Israeli offensive against Gaza have been allowed to enter Egypt for treatment

Egyptian security and army forces kill over a dozen suspected militant fighters, arrest others amid relentless campaign against insurgency in the border Sinai Peninsula

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Human rights groups say a government ultimatum demanding they register under a controversial law signals an imminent crackdown

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Responding to Amr Moussa's decision not to allow the Salafist Nour Party into the electoral alliance he is forming, Al-Nour says the alliance will fail

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