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The meeting will see discussion of the latest developments concerning the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam
The events that led to the meeting began on 28 January 2016, when policemen allegedly assaulted two doctors at Cairo’s Matariya Hospital after one of the doctors refused to fake a medical report for one of the policemen
On Thursday a Cairo-bound train derailed and overturned in Beni Suef, leaving at least 70 people injured
The nine policemen are officially charged by prosecutors with using violence and attacking public officials
An official said that most of those wounded suffered light injuries and will be discharged from hospitals later today
More deadly road accidents in the northern Delta governorate
Before appealing, former minister of information Anas El-Fiky was handed a one-year prison sentence in 2014 on charges of acquiring illicit gains
Egyptian minister Nabila Makram said that the four Saudi nationals involved in the incident were arrested pending investigations
First time the Gaza-Egypt border crossing will be opened in 2016  
The Egyptian president discussed with the American Jewish delegation latest regional developments in the Middle East

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The Friday general assembly by the Doctors Syndicate comes in the wake of a recent reported assault by policemen on physicians at Matariya Hospital in late January

This will will be the second visit by the Saudi royal to Egypt since he rose the kingdom's throne in 2015

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi will address the country's newly elected House of Representatives ...

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President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi approved on Thursday a ...

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