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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will meet with ...

Protests also took place in Alexandria in the north and Minya in the south
Minister of Social Solidarity says the government will compensate the injured by LE4000 and families of those who died in the accident by LE10,000
Police blame Muslim Brotherhood for attacks on 3 electric transformers in Upper Egypt
The two Arab countries suspend flights to strife-torn Libya for security reasons
Six police officers injured Wednesday in a bomb attack on a security vehicle in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula

Security ...

One-hundred and eighty-eight people are on trial for the killing of 15 policemen in an attack on a police station in Kerdasa in August 2013
The government has detained the drivers for questioning and a drug test; a criminal act so far ruled out; 19 bodies unidentified; road might lack radar (GALLERY)  
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The Egyptian army has escalated operations in Sinai over the past few weeks, inflicting major losses ...

Egypt's National Council for Human Rights (NCHR) criticised on Friday the Human Rights Watch (HRW) report on the dispersal of Rabaa and Nahda sit-ins

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Residents of a collapsed building in Alexandria governorate's Al-Atareen have vowed to sleep on the street until the government takes action

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Dozens of alleged Muslim Brotherhood members have been arrested in recent months over online activity that authorities say incites violence

The Islamic State released a video showing the apparent execution of the American journalist James Foley while threatening to kill another US reporter

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Ending a life of brutal service, some of Egypt's donkeys meet gruesome fates, with others abandoned in desert lands. When alive, they fare little better, often facing abuse that amounts to torture

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Three years on, Egyptian charities struggle to survive the trying economic impact of the January 25 Revolution

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