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Ahram Online remembers the opening of Egypt's first opera house in the 19th century
The Egyptian Archive for Folk Life and Folk Tradition receives the Arab e-Content Award for e-Culture and Tourism 2013
Activists in Egypt's two largest cities call for Wednesday protests aimed at saving local historical landmarks from destruction
While fundamentalists have attacked other institutions in the Sinai Peninsula, they have not interfered in their work of Arish Folk Troupe to preserve local traditions
As Egypt celebrates Sinai Liberation Day on 25 April, Ahram Online takes a look at the desert peninsula's ancient traditions
In the heart of Islamic Cairo, thousands of Egyptians at Al-Hussein district celebrate the birth of the grandson of Prophet Mohamed
With an estimate 10 million members, Sufi orders are an under-reported influence in Egyptian life
Event will feature rare photos of region's most celebrated mosques, along with rare art dating back to the Umayyad Period
As Egypt celebrates her women, Ahram Online shed the light on some successful models and the men behind them  
Ahram Online explains the historic background of an ancient pharaonic symbol picked as the logo for a much anticipated conference to attract international investment

Ahram Online revisits the vernacular poet Beiram Al-Tounsi (1893-1961) on the anniversary of his 122nd birthday

Mostafa Soueif, a world-famous Egyptian psychologist, turned 90 last week

It's hard to resist falling in love with the Nubian people, still full of colour and holding to traditional customs 50 years after being displaced, dozens of their villages submerged beneath Lake Nasser

Beyond the stereo-typing of women and the misconception of Islamic beliefs, comes an enlightening study that puts women and Islam in one proper sentence

You load (stuff) on me, I load (stuff) on you.

Anyone born in the neighborhood is never lost.

Anything (harmful) that damages (only) the feathers is baksheesh (a small tip or sacrifice).

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