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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
In recent weeks, Netanyahu's official house has been the focal point of many protests amid seemingly growing dissatisfaction with the government
The festering dispute between France and Turkey over a naval standoff in the Mediterranean Sea has shone a glaring searchlight ...
"It's vital for countries to look at how they can improve affordable internet access when rebuilding their economies and disbursing post-coronavirus benefits," a U.N. official said
Some US officials have expressed concern over the lack of tangible results in a war that many Americans know nothing of
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Has social media managed to make most forms of traditional media or advertising redundant
The number of active terrorist groups in Egypt is ever-changing, with their activities reflecting their ideological commitments and sources of personnel
Despite cosy relations between the US and Israel, Trump’s “Deal of the Century” might have a few shocks in store for Tel Aviv
On 23 March, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) defeated Islamic State (IS) forces in their last stronghold in Baghouz ...
Are the Oslo Accords set to be the first victim of the “Deal of the Century”, and if so, at what cost, asks Said Okasha
What prompted the constitutional amendments? The amendment of the constitution in any country serves to cope with ...
As word spread that a summit between U.S. President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was ending early ...
Trade between Egypt and African states is not proportionate to the size of the African market, Safeya Mounir sheds light on the prospects of trade treaties and Egypt’s efforts to boost economic relations with the continent

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