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Wednesday, 24 August 2016
Arts & Culture
Artists working in the From Rags to Riches project, repurposing garbage as public art, get help from visiting international artists, among them Hideaki Shibata
Cairo and Alexandria are more dynamic than ever in culture. A large assortment of events includes film screenings, exhibitions, music events, among other events
Summer evenings are refreshing when infused with artistic and cultural activities. Ahram Online highlights a few events that will take place this weekend
Open air concerts provide much needed refreshment on a summer evening in Cairo or Alexandria. In parallel, both cities this week offer many other cultural events across many venues
In the last decade the Egyptian audience has seen much from India – but not Kathakali dance-drama. Finally, this visually captivating art form was performed in Egypt's four cities last week
The 9th edition of the Egypt’s National Theatre Festival came to an end on 8 August
Bringing painting and photography together, Salwa Rashad aims to reveal hidden connections and deeper meanings borne betwen places and people
Recently awarded the State Encouragement Award, Nagi Farid is now bracing for the Aswan International Sculpture Symposium 2017 in which he will succeed Adam Henein as its general commissioner
Mohamed Ismail left his gynecology practice to launch the Art of Seeing, a Heliopolis-based centre that teaches the art of photography
After years of work, the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute launched on Tuesday the Sanduq El-Dunia
SYRA Art gallery are hosting the works of Egyptian artists in Washington for a week
Nourhan Refaat Maayouf recently won the main prize at the 2016 Barclays L’Atelier, an annual South Africa-based contemporary art competition
Documentary 'Fairouz' was recently screened at Magnolia in Cairo. Directed by Frédéric Mitterrand and released in 1998, the film pays homage to the legendary Lebanese singer using rare archival footage
Will Smith was in the Middle East on Sunday promoting the movie "Suicide Squad", but the Hollywood star said ...
Mohamed Diab's artistic masterpiece follows characters stuck in a police truck and their humane interactions
Clint Eastwood has stopped short of endorsing Donald Trump, but in an interview in Esquire magazine he praised the Republican ...
This year's edition ran between 20 and 27 July and honoured late Egyptian director Youssef Chahine with a special section
Renowned Egyptian director Mohamed Khan passed away on 26 July at the age of 73. He leaves behind a rich legacy of cinematic works
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A satirical cartoon depicting a celebrity in Ghana schooling a British diplomat on how to speak pidgin English won laughter ...
The Egyptian film has won awards at international festivals
The Dhofar Arab Film Forum ran between 15 and 20 August
Rapping, drunkenness and "Star Wars" are some of the twists given to William Shakespeare's plays at the ...
A Malaysian rapper was remanded in custody by a court Monday for a music video entitled "Oh my God" which allegedly ...
The Tragically Hip, the Canadian rock band beloved for songs about local culture, small towns and hockey, will wrap up ...
All three shorts reflect on the now five-year-old Syrian war
Remaking a film that won 11 Academy Awards invites inevitable comparison, but the latest adaptation of Ben-Hur distinguishes ...
Oscar-nominated director and former Academy president Arthur Hiller died of natural causes in Los Angeles on Wednesday. ...
Zawya resumes its Special Sunday screenings programme with this documentary following last week's screening of Palestinian film 'Love, Theft and Other Entanglements'
12 feature films are scheduled to screen in Cairo this year
Photopia is the first photography hub in the neighbourhood of Heliopolis
The hashtag #Kotobjeya is meant to function as a book club between Sabry and her followers
Egypt's Tahra's Life by Mohanad Dia and Dry Hot Summers by Sherif El-Bendary are among 17 films from nine countries be screened
Morgan Freeman, the velvet-voiced doyen of some of America's best-loved movies, not to mention one of the suavest ...
A wildly popular Turkish television and film thriller franchise staring an action hero dubbed the "Turkish James ...
The screenings include two films that were screened at Berlinale earlier this year
The book, which was published recently by the Geographic Society and will be reissued by the ministry, contains maps and other documents supporting the Saudi claim
The global Pokemon Go craze has prompted a slew of complaints, from memorial sites arguing it's disrespectful to play ...
“El Waqt Saraqna” (Time has ran out) will bring Arabic poetry and music to the heart of Cairo's Zamalek
Khalife will perform as part of this year's Jordan Festival
Les Petits Chats reunion at the Citadel will include Sadek Gallini, Sobhi Bidair, Pino Phares, Wagdi Francis and Ezzat Abo Ouf
Hideaki Shibata, founder of the Yodogawa Technique art unit, will also participate in the “From Rags to Riches” project organised by Baad El Bahr for Cultural Development
Kenny Baker, the British actor who starred as plucky robot R2-D2 in the "Star Wars" movies, died on Saturday ...

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