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The Durban International Film Festival (DIFF) awarded Francois Verster’s The Dream of Shahrazad the prize for Best South African Documentary

The sixteenth principle of the Charter of Children’s Rights to Arts and Culture states that:

"Children ...

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the only child of pop legend Whitney Houston and singer Bobby Brown, died ...

For years Karachi's walls have been spattered with the bloodstains of murder victims and scrawled ...

Artist and government critic Ai Weiwei has gotten his passport back four years after it was confiscated ...

The most believable element in "Pixels" is that alien video-game creatures could attack ...

After a successful show in Oman in May, Ibn Battuta will be staged in Italy as part of the Milan Expo 2015
Cairokee, Sharmoofers, Black Theama, Osama El-Hady are scheduled to perform at Geziret El-Ward Sporting Club in Mansoura
Screened during the month of Ramadan, Taht El-Sayatara TV series sparked a debate on the hidden realities of drug addiction in Egypt  

Egyptian director and scriptwriter Raafat El-Meehy died Friday afternoon in the Armed Forces Hospital ...

On the 63rd anniversary of the 23 July 1952 revolution, Ahram Online revisits classic films that attempted to capture changes in the socio-political system

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The legendary actor, who starred in Dr Zhivago as well as a long string of Egyptian film classics, was buried at El-Sayeda Nafisa Cemetery in southern Cairo

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Grandson of internationally renowned Egyptian actor Omar Sharif has posted a video of the actor reciting William Blake's poem The Tyger

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International art community reacts in sorrow and with memories to the news of the death of Egyptian actor Omar Sharif who passed away on 10 July at the age of 83

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Ahram Online talks to Massar Egbari, looking back on their decade-long journey, latest album, and upcoming international and regional schedule

Singer Hany Shaker has become the new head of the Musicians Syndicate after defeating the incumbent head, singer Mostafa ...

Running between 30 July and 4 September, the 13th edition of Bibliotheca Alexandrina International Summer Festival offers a rich programme for all music tastes alongside film screenings, theatre plays and a family day

The animated film Pixels features 1980s classic videogame characters

Starring Sir Ben Kingsley and Avan Jogia, a three-part miniseries 'Tut' is being aired on Spike TV between 19 and 21 July

Mohammed Assaf's YouTube video in which he sends greetings for Eid Al-Fitr, was posted on YouTube on 18 July and ...

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