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Saudi Arabia's top cleric hit out at Iranian film "Muhammad" on Wednesday describing ...

The cooperation agreement aims to provide opportunities for young Egyptians to learn the skills and the universality of the arts

China has approved for release the first film with gay principal characters, the movie's director ...

El7afla Square is a mini festival comprising double bill concerts taking place at El-Genaina Theatre
Director behind horror hit Scream and Nightmare on Elm Street dies at 76
The film El-Morsy Abo El-Abbas was created by Moroccan and Egyptian collaboration
This week, Alexandria hosts performances by two widely appreciated Arabic singers, the Tunisian Ghalia Benali and the Lebanese Ghada Shbeir
Theeb gets new release date in Iraq's cinemas, the ninth Arab country to host the film
Currently staged at the Floating Theatre in Cairo, 'Dali... Lonely' looks into the artist's relationship with his older brother who died nine months before Salvador Dali was born  
Ahram Online highlights the artistic achievements and important cultural events in July 2015

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The upcoming week is filled with music and film screenings, as well as a number of other cultural events taking place across Cairo and Alexandria. Ahram Online recommends a number of these below:

Cultural activist Basma El-Husseiny talks about the now Beirut-based Culture Resource, the reason behind suspending its activities in Egypt, the current activities; and reveals details about her new endeavour Action for Hope

Beirut-based Action for Hope has announced its independence from the Culture Resource, its parent organisation since its 2013 inception. The current project involves working with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

Ahram Online speaks to Scottish-Yemeni filmmaker Sara Ishaq about her latest project, the Comra filmmaking camp

Iran's most expensive ever movie, "Muhammad", which chronicles the childhood of the Muslim prophet, opened ...

Ahram Online talks to Mohamed Abou Soliman, founder of the Cinematology Facebook page, a platform that provides an alternative look at Egyptian and international cinema and filmmakers through video essays

The exhibition takes place next week at Maulana Azad Centre for Indian Culture in Zamalek

Hany El-Masri, illustrator behind iconic Kimo ice-cream’s blue bear, and the first Egyptian to work at Walt Disney, died on Monday 24 August

Ructions in the Chinese stock market and currency suggest the country has reached ...

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