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The shadows of barred windows make the Buenos Aires psychiatric hospital seem especially soulless, ...

The film topped the North American box offices in its first week of release
The choir was founded in 2000 by Egyptian maestro Nayer Nagui and consists of over 100 members

Owen Suskind had largely retreated into silence in the years after his autism began to manifest, ...

Ramadan evenings are very refreshing when infused with arts and culture activities. Ahram Online highlights a few events that will take place on the weekend
The screening comes as part of Darb 1718's newly introduced Danish film night

Scotty Moore, a pioneering rock guitarist best known for backing Elvis Presley as a member of his ...

The actor's classic mantra: "What I really want to do is direct." The revised version: ...

The group was founded in 2005 and comprises 12 members  
The Cairo Celebration Choir gave Egypt’s premiere of Beethoven’s Mass in C major at All Saints Cathedral on 16 June, followed by the same performance at the Basilique Cathedrale on 17 June

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Ahram Online speaks to the renowned musician and oud virtuoso about his latest project Tarab Safar and the particularities of his vocation

"The Voice" star Christina Grimmie has died after she was shot at a Florida concert venue ...

Following a cancelation of the much-awaited Heavy Metal concert by Brazilian band Sepultura last Saturday, the band announced it has left the country. Ahram Online spoke to Sepultura hours prior to the scheduled concert

The concert was scheduled to take place at the Nile Country Club, but was later moved to a villa in Sheikh Zayed

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Ahram Online brings to you a selection of films to be released in cinemas across Egypt during Eid El-Fitr

The National Council for Women oversaw the report which aims to analyse the portrayal of women in this year's Ramadan series

Ezz denied being married to Zeina and accused the actress of forging her sons' birth certificates, denying that he is their father

This is the second exhibit curated by Darb 1718 on the subject of bread, the first being in 2010

In his solo exhibition Affiche Plaisir, graphic designer Adam Abd El Ghaffar offers a selection of new posters for well known Egyptian films

Ahram Online visited Hend Samir at Mashrabia Art Gallery where her works are currently on display. Samir talks about her creative inspirations, technique and the role of art in society

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