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An 18-hour version of Shakespeare's epic "Henry VI" ended to sustained applause early ...

The Toronto International Film Festival unveiled a star-heavy lineup amid increased festival jockeying ...

Colombian pop star Shakira has become the first person to reach more than 100 million fans on Facebook, ...

Actor James Garner, best known for his prime-time television roles as the wisecracking frontier ...

The flamboyant designer of Japanese cartoon and global mega-brand Hello Kitty defended the cute cat against new rivals Thursday as the character prepares to celebrate her 40th birthday.
Oscar-winning director Ron Howard will make a new authorized documentary about the Beatles' touring years, with the backing of the Fab Four's music label Apple Corps, they said Wednesday.
Until 20 August, Turin's Prix Italia will be accepting submissions of documentary audiovisual material on refugees, from independent filmmakers and producers from North Africa, the Middle East and Sub-Saharan Africa
The Cairo International Festival for Experimental Theatre is scheduled to return after a three-year hiatus, the Ministry of Culture announced this week
The series created by the team behind last Ramadan's critically acclaimed Zaat invites audiences into the lives of female prisoners and wardresses in the infamous Qanater Prison  
'A Hologram for the King', a film by German director Tom Tykwer and starring Tom Hanks, will showcase Hurghada's underwater reefs

Premiere showcase for UK indie film opens its doors for international filmmakers ahead of its January 2015 run

'I Left My Shoes in Istanbul' (2013), is a personal take on an enforced Armenian absence in Istanbul

The problem with the Ramadan TV series Saraya Abdeen is that it reimagines history while also claiming to be based on true events

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The Tropfest Arabia short film festival, which will be held in Abu Dhabi in November 2014, is now accepting submissions from professional and amateur directors from the MENA region

With the Israeli forces' ongoing attacks on Gaza, YouTube users upload countless songs dedicated to Palestine: older gems - from Marcel Khalife to Roger Waters – and new original music statements

Mohammed Assaf sings 'Raise Your Head High' in solidarity with his home country of Palestine under attack. The song reached almost half a million views on YouTube only two days after its release

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Ahmed Mohamed Sakran, founder of Vibe studio, the latest hub of underground music tells Ahram Online about the young and budding musicians who enter the studio and reveals his plans of business expansion

Ahram Online talks to Salwa Mohamed Aly, the established figure of independent theatre and the actress who excels in supporting roles on the silver and the big screens

An interactive theatre performance entitled Taxi - based on Khaled El-Khamissi's bestselling novel – will be performed by the Thousand Tongues at Darb 1718 this Thursday as part of the Mawaweel Festival

Exploring the constantly changing Mohamed Mahmoud street graffiti

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