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Monday, 21 August 2017
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Adaptations, mystical works and an enthusiastic youth presence marked this year's National Theatre Festival, which ran between 13 and 27 July
Hollywood comedian Jerry Lewis, who died Sunday aged 91, perfected a goofy brand of slapstick that endeared him to millions ...
Mahfouz Abdel-Rahman, one of the first screenwriters for Arab television, died yesterday after suffering a stroke
US comedian and civil rights activist Dick Gregory, who broke barriers as a performer in the era of segregation and challenged ...
In 2016, an Iraqi-American artist sat down with Bahjat Abdulwahed — the so-called "Walter Cronkite of Baghdad" ...
Launched by three partners in June 2016, Assiut's Classical Ballet School recently celebrated its one year anniversary, having faced and partly overcome tough challenges
11 August marks second anniversary of Nour El-Sherif's death
The film honours the prominent critic and academic who died in January
With new streaming services in the works, Disney is trying to set itself up for a future that's largely been framed ...
On what would be his 91st birthday, Ahram Online remembers actor Roushdy Abaza and his mark in Egyptian cinema
North 40 is based on Laurence Wright's award-winning novel, The Looming Tower
Academy Award winner Louis Gosset Jr is known for his television series role as former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
Al Nour Wal Amal Chamber Orchestra for the blind and visually impaired woman musicians has just returned from their 31st international tour during which they performed in Hong Kong and China
Ribab Fusion and Labess, two bands that performed at the recent Timitar Festival in Algeria, share thoughts on identity, music, and finding success
Female musicians who are changing the global music scene often remain on it's peripheries, highlighting the need to revise patriarchal, Western-centered and racist narratives of music history
The orchestra is touring Hong Kong and China for the first time
40 women of Al-Nour Wal Amal Chamber Orchestra will give three concerts moving between cities in mainland China and Hong Kong
The prominent artist was the Arabic music lead singer of the Cairo Opera House
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Ceramics, carpentry, calligraphy and gem cutting: centuries of Afghan craftmanship honed on the ancient Silk Road are ...
Shao Chen Yu (Asad) is based in Taiwan and visits the Middle East every year, collecting stories to reflect in his performances
Among many songs that JadaL will perform are from their latest Album Malyoun
The film has garnered several international awards, including the Caligari award, and the Arab Critics Awards at Cannes
Daniel Craig couldn't quite give up the fast cars, martinis and camera pens. The British actor has confirmed, ...
The Cairo venue will screen Jules and Jim (1962) and Elevator to the Gallows (1958)
Late conductor and composer Ali Osman Al-Haj, and violinist Basma Saad and were among the distinguished Egyptian artists honoured during the opening ceremony of the 26th Citadel Festival for Music and Singing, Saturday
The documentary is directed by Kentaro Taki
The festival runs until 26 August with two evening events taking place at the Mahka Theatre of Cairo's historic Saladin Citadel
Elvis Presley, American icon and King of rock 'n' roll, transformed popular culture, sold over a billion records ...
The festival screening will be the film's Egyptian premiere
The composer and conductor has been the director of the centre since May 2014
Sitar recital will feature Indian musicians led by Agni Kumar Verma
Four boys and two girls have been arrested in Iran for teaching "Western" dance moves including Zumba, a Colombian ...
The play was previously staged during the 10th National Theatre Festival
The group includes 21 artists, and the exhibition is curated by Shereen Badr
The murals include works by prominent Egypt artists like Seif Wanly and Monir Canaan
A group of rappers who say they had to flee Libya for their art were on their way to Italy Wednesday after being rescued ...
Massi has garnered a wide fan base in Egypt since her first performance in Cairo in 2007
The workshop program runs from 3 to 5 September in Venice
Stevie Wonder and Green Day will headline a concert in New York to mobilize support for efforts to eradicate global poverty ...
George Clooney on Friday said he would take legal action against a French magazine that published the first photos of ...
The performance is choreographed by Essrsaa Magdi
This year's biennial runs from 16 September to 12 November

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