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Maii and Zeid, the indie rock/dreamy-pop/new wave trip hop duo return for their second tour in Egypt with their new EP, Aadi
Contemporary art initiative CARAVAN Art will open its nomadic group exhibit titled The Bridge at SODIC’s Westown Hub

Basil Soda, credited as one of Lebanon's best-known international fashion designers, has died, ...

Amir Ramsis’ documentary was awarded the Silver FIFOG award at The International Oriental Film Festival of Geneva

The first principle of the Charter of Children’s Rights to Arts and Culture states ...

Experimental sounds from Ismael, MC Boikutt and Birth of Joy to play in downtown Cairo on Thursday night

Art from the Islamic world will be shown in the heart of the British Museum, instead of on the ...

Romanian investigators have seized 101 paintings, including three signed Pablo Picasso, as part ...

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan, a Bollywood dance workshop, Indian food, yoga and classical dance all at this year's India by the Nile from 30 March to 16 April  
Fun, education, artistic commotion, dynamic exchange of thought, clear creative vision... Those and many other values characterised the 5th Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children

French playwright and director Pascal Rambert’s globe-trotting A (Micro) History of World Economics, Danced comes to Cairo as part of the 4th DCAF. Ahram Online talks to the director and attends the rehearsals

Mansoura's Red Palace hosts Balcony Opera, part of the Art of Transit project by Mahatat for Contemporary Art, in cooperaton with Teatro Independent Theatre

IN'Tents is being performed several times during the Hakawy International Arts Festival for Children. Currently staged at the Hanager Arts Centre in Cairo, the play will afterwards move to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina

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Launching the Hakawy festival's 5th edition with two plays -- from the Netherlands and the UK -- the young audience was lured by the performers into the world of imagery and interactive games

On Thursday, 26 March, Egypt's Abyusif performed with Copenhagen/Berlin based DJ Why Be in an energy infused night at Sherezade

In an upcoming concert by the Cairo Opera House Quartet, Bruno Schneider, a French horn player from Switzerland will join the ensemble

On the 38th anniversary of the death of Egyptian singer Abdel-Halim Hafez, Ahram Online republishes photos exploring the life of the late music icon

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Marking 118 years of prolific artist Mahmoud Said’s birthday and memorial, both on the day of April 8, Sherwet Shafei, owner and director of Safarkhan Gallery, displays selected prints of his works from her private collection

Google dedicates its doodle to late Egyptian painter Seif Wanly (31 March 1906 - 15 February 1979)

Ahmed Nage’s first exhibition in Townhouse explores the artist’s personal fascination with shoes

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