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The young adventurer talks to Ahram online about his upcoming Africa Highest Summit Fundraiser to build roof tops for the underprivileged
A quick guide on everything you need to know about the disease
Eleven countries have reported cases of apparent sexual transmission of Zika virus from one person to another, according to the World Health Organization
The study also found that being obese is far more dangerous for men than for women.
Make sure to use both eyes when looking at your smartphone screen in the dark.
According to the report, malnutrition is responsible for nearly half of all deaths of children under five worldwide and, together with poor diets, is the number one driver of disease
Out with the kounafa and in with the Charlotte
The first street food stalls in the world to be awarded a star by Michelin
Number one restaurant reviewer Mourad Makram tells Dina Ezzat that Egypt could be well-placed for food tourism
Ahram Online reflects on Polish cuisine and culture with an acclaimed Polish chef visiting Egypt
The restaurant serves a range of traditional Egyptian food, including siyami (fasting) dishes
Enjoying Egyptian street food at Zooba in Maadi brings to mind the varied traditions that characterise the act of eating in different locales around Egypt
Ahram Online peeks into the latest 12-piece-collection that artistically captures the story of nature and time
Lego opened its largest store in Shanghai , seeking to entice children as well adults with its popular blocks.
Following in the steps of Britain's Burberry group, and in an effort to simplify the designer's business.
Denmark overtook Switzerland as the world's happiest place
"Women need to be ready to defend themselves ... in a world that is not that sweet," Lagerfeld commented on his 'harsh' designs
Silhouettes were slim with fitted coat dresses, asymmetrical peplum jackets, new versions of Dior's famed Bar jacket and high-waisted pencil skirts, at times slit to the knee
Are you using your inhaler properly? your future device will help you decide
The complaint was filed on behalf of more than 50 plaintiffs who have performed with WWE or its predecessors since the 1970s
Watching television immobilizes us for prolonged period of time which triggers physiological response that change the balance in our body chemistry that keeps our bone strong
More than a dozen small biotech firms and other organizations are working on vaccines against mosquito-borne Zika
Jacques Clemens celebrated his 107th birthday
Adele's choice of dress at the Glastonbury Festival caused quite a stir in Egypt, with many believing the dress inspired by the heritage of Siwa oasis
"biofortification" aims at getting staple foods fortified with health-improving vitamins and minerals to 1 billion people in the developing world by 2030
The removal of Aspartame proved to be a financial failure
Caballero counts prime ministers and presidents in Latin America and further afield among his clients and typically makes his clothing, for both men and women, to order
Menswear pulls in far less money than womenswear, in terms of sales, and men's shows generate a fraction of the global publicity of women's
Millions of widows in sub-Saharan Africa are left destitute after being disinherited and robbed of their property
Tamara Al-Rifai, the coordinator of Syrian catering service Zeit Zeitoun, tells Dina Ezzat about food, life in exile and nostalgia for her country
Drinking very hot coffee and other drinks "probably" causes cancer of the oesophagus, a UN agency said Wednesday, ...
Deshauna Barber, an IT analyst for the Department of Commerce, triumphed over 51 other contestants
WHO doubled the four weeks it had previously recommended
Higher levels of depression symptoms tended to come before a night of longer time to fall asleep, shorter total sleep time and poorer sleep quality.
U.S. health officials on Thursday reported the first case in the country of a patient with an infection resistant to all ...
A Japanese aquarium said Wednesday it had hatched two Humboldt penguin chicks after using artificial insemination, the ...
It's the highest price ever paid for a fancy vivid pink diamond
Silent heart attacks are not just any heart attacks, extremely difficult to detect
On average, car windshields blocked about 96 percent of UV-A rays. But side door windows were far less dependable
More than 500 lots of Monroe's belongings will be at auction in Los Angeles on Nov. 19 and 20, and they are expected to fetch between $2 million and $4 million
By 2050 more than 130 million people will live with dementia, up from 46 million currently
The Worth Health Organisation (WHO) said on 5 May, which marks Hand Hygiene Day, that 61 percent of health workersworldwidedo ...

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