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A new study suggests that MERS may be transmitted by air and identifies camels as primary carriers
A new study proves that stressed people burn less calories for seven hours after a meal, because of significantly slowed down metabolism

The world is getting warmer, as greenhouse gases reach historic highs and Arctic sea ice melts, ...

A disturbing new study proves that asthma inhalers given to millions of children can make them grow shorter in height
Although the number of people living with HIV is begining to be constant, tough challenges still exist to curb the epidemic
A new book revives the old ways of cooking by fire and explores its wonders
An unexplained rash in your skin could result from being glued to the gadgets
A new study probes into the effect of sex addiction on the brain, says that it resembles that of being hooked on drugs
A breakthrough for combating malaria worldwide is pending, as the first vaccine awaits approval by leading UK drug maker

An expert talks with Ahram Online on tips to trick the stomach into not feeling the urge to gorge on food after the daily Ramadan fast

Here are some quick and essential health tips from several experts on how to stay healthy - in body and mind - during Ramadan

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The race is still on to shorten the time period required by new Hepatitis C drugs to achieve a complete cure. Can it be shortened to four weeks?

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Blink more if your work involves being glued to a computer screen for long hours

Two Muslim women design the latest DKNY collection, inspired by Ramadan and Islamic attire

Summertime Ramadan means unbearable heat during fasting hours - but also Mango Konafa after iftar; Ahram Online samples versions of this transient delicacy and recommends the best

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