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Wednesday, 23 September 2020
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Covid-19 has proven a decisive moment for many Egyptian medics in the UK NHS system
Facebook has blocked a terminally ill French euthanasia campaigner from livestreaming his own death
children aged 12 and over should wear masks under the same conditions as adults, while children between six and 11 should wear them on a risk-based approach
Glamma Beijing, a group of four women who met during a modelling training course after retiring 20 years ago, became an internet sensation in China last year
Outbreaks among farm workers and young people desperate to resume socializing after being cooped up have spread across northern Spain
Mohab Anis, head of a research programme on the impact of the pandemic, says that more online businesses and more protective barriers are coming our way
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In Egypt, more and more restaurants and chains are catering towards people who want to eat mainly plant products
Celebrity master chef Joe Barza, President of Lebanese Chefs Association, culinary artist, brand Ambassador and former co-host and head judge of Top Chef, talks about current challenges in the world of cooking
Many Cairo restaurants and supermarkets are providing hot meals and food items for medical staff and casual workers through the TeKeya mobile application this Ramadan, writes Omneya Yousry
Aziza Sami revisits a Mameluke-era cookbook for immunity boosting recipes this Ramadan
Top Egyptian chefs launch initiative to provide free meals to medical staff on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus
Egyptian chef Suzanne Sabah marks Valentine’s Day with truffles and cupcakes
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Greek milliner Lisa Sarigiannidou spoke to Ahram Online about her passion for hats, and offers some advice about what to wear this summer
Ahram Online consults a hair and fashion expert on how to maintain healthy hair and stay in fashion in 2020
In her latest collection, Cairo-based designer Sara Onsi paints the difficult times of 2020 in a better light
Greek influential sandals designer Eva Moldovanidou highlights latest sandals fashion trends for 2020 and her success story
Public space infrastructure is the key to making a city usable and accessible in the wake of the coronavirus, and Cairenes must bear this in mind
Ahmed Wahba talks to Aharm Online about his drive to promote Egypt as a unique tourism destination
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Scientists are providing a fuller understanding of the essential role that sleep plays in brain health
'We need to rapidly scale up our clinical trials, manufacturing, licensing and regulation capacity so that these products can get to people and start saving lives'
Governments around the world closed schools to curb the spread of COVID-19, in most cases for around 10 weeks, or one third of a year of schooling
Researchers in Hong Kong recently reported evidence of a person who got the coronavirus a second time, months after an initial infection
Elders drive South Korea case surge More than 40% of new coronavirus cases in South Korea are being found in people ...
India reported the most new COVID-19 cases of any country in the past week, the World Health Organization (WHO) said
Four of the world's seven vaccines that are in the third phase of trials are from China
The world must administer widespread anti-flu vaccinations this year to help to ward off the risk of complicating coronavirus ...
The World Health Organization said that the novel coronavirus spread was being driven by people in their 20s, 30s and 40s, many of which were unaware they were infected, posing a danger to vulnerable groups.
Cases of type 1 diabetes among children in a small UK study almost doubled during the peak of Britain's COVID-19 epidemic, ...
People returning to Germany from designated risk regions face a coronavirus test or two weeks’ compulsory quarantine
The following is a roundup of some of the latest scientific studies on the novel coronavirus and efforts to find treatments and vaccines for COVID-19, the illness caused by the virus
An art gallery in Paris has sought inspiration in ancient China to help it enforce social distancing, by providing hats ...
The chief executive of AstraZeneca , which is developing a leading coronavirus vaccine with Oxford University, said it ...
Dr. Mohamed Nabil el-Nahhas, consultant of Ophthalmology in Mataria hospital, reveals ways to protect our eyes during spring and summer
The European Union warned on Monday that decisions by some European countries to suspend vaccination of children during ...
Want to lose weight in Ramadan? Unfortunately, it’s not easy. Though fasting from dawn to dusk helps your stomach ...
The European Union's medicines regulator on Thursday warned countries that malaria drugs being used experimentally ...
Amira Elhamy talks to life coach Dina Elmessiri about ways to beat anxiety during quarantine against the coronavirus
A global debate has emerged among doctors treating COVID-19: When should patients who need help breathing be placed on ...
Ahram Online talks to one of the best known Egyptians in the field of philanthropy about reaching out to burn victims, as well as society in the time of Coronavirus
The internationally renowned heart surgeon took the time to reach out to his fellow citizens with words from the heart
Millions are asking for clear, comprehensive information and guidelines regarding the novel coronavirus. Unfortunately, ...
Coronavirus has been most dangerous for the elderly and those with underlying health conditions

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