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Think of artificial sweeteners as a way to evade diabetes? Think again.A new study points out to the contrary.
Another generation of hepatitis C drug to be launched next month, faster in treatment, but with a heavier price tag
For the third consecutive time, New York wins the Miss America title
Researchers found that children bullied by their siblings were about twice as likely to have depression or anxiety, or to have harmed themselves
Future sensors promise no more annoying or painful finger pricking to check on blood suger level
Time is running out as major phamaceutical entities thrive to produce a drug that protects against or cures Ebola patients. Nevertheless, it is estimated that not until 2015 would something of the sort surface.
According to studies in some of the palces where marijuana was legalized, here are 5 facts that can be taken into concideration regarding its effect on driving
Watching an action movie? Better keep high-calorie snacks out of reach, a new research says
Running in Cairo's public spaces isn't exactly easy or popular - but that doesn’t mean it's impossible

The largest Egyptian organisation raising awareness about breast cancer, celebrates a decade in the field by offering free checkups

A tight but rather an elastic band is tied on two pegs or between any two poles, height is adjusted, and then the challenge and fun starts! Welcome to the world of the new slack lining which is now trending in Egypt

The well-earned vacation with family or friends is a joy to look forward to. But travelling can bring its own health challenges that mar the holiday spirit. Ahram Online asked health experts for top travel tips

In a country where a quarter of the population suffers from high blood pressure and only 8% treat it, experts stress that greater awareness and lifestyle changes are needed

Ahram Online looks into the trend for turbans among young Egyptian women

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Apple watch: hideous? pretty? not really feminine? Fashion gurus are devided

Blue shimmering fabrics, backless dresses and sheer materials make the highlights of the catwalk at New York fashion week

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