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Tuesday, 13 November 2018
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Experts convened at the third MENA Headache Conference in Cairo to tackle scope of the problem, causes and treatments
data is vital for tackling antimicrobial resistance, the extremely worrying trend of bacterial infections becoming immune to antibiotics
Experts at Egypt's Mansoura University convene to discuss the latest advances in ophthalmology
Parents should try to avoid household air pollution by using less polluting fuels for cooking and heating and not smoking
The innovative dosing regimen could transform HIV therapy by reducing the number of days a person receives treatment from 365 to 12
UNICEF Egypt marked World Food Day by putting a spotlight on malnutrition in the country, underlining that the problem is preventable
'Juice Me Up' and the pleasure of indulging in colourful and bright smoothies and shakes
A stop at Alexandria's famous food and beverage stop
Simple Syrian cuisine with some Egyptian fast food influences
A look into five Koshary joints: Cairo Kitchen, Eshta, Hend, Sayyed Hanafi and Zooba
The modern Lebanese setting of restaurant come cafe Aldayaa combines delicious Lebanese food with a sprinkle of the Egyptian and a Jordanian garnish
The culinary celebrity says cooking can be a joyful experience for new beginners in kitchen
Zeinab ElKady talks to Ahram Online about a new exhibition the Knottella Factory for hand-knitted dolls is soon to stage
The first edition of Craffiti Egypt, an international exhibition for handicrafts, was inaugurated in Cairo, running 11-18 October as an annual event
El-Ashiry tells the story of promoting Egypt through the patterns and designs of a nascent fashion project
Heba Khamis tells the story of bringing business and charity together in an artistic way
First Natural Hair Festival Kicks Off in Zemalek
Vienna has dislodged Melbourne for the first time at the top of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability ...
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Would-be fathers have long been advised to wear boxer shorts and avoid hot tubs, to avoid too much heat damaging their ...
The new study is the first large test of both in the general population
The Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund will inject US$3 million into Dawi Clinics, a strategic step taken by the two entities ...
Standing above the crowd puts people at greater risk
The common cold is caused by a virus and tends to run its course in 7 to 10 days
60 percent of countries overuse C-sections and 25 percent under-use them
China has approved 17 anti-cancer drugs for inclusion in its national health insurance system, the government said on ...
Science shows that nothing does more to cause climate change than burning coal, a former head of the U.S. Environmental ...
Some top brands are resisting pressure from animal rights groups, fueling an industry debate that is far from played out
Amira Elhamy talks to Egyptian cosmetic surgeon Shadi Ismail about cosmetology and today’s aesthetic procedures
People with fluctuations in their weight may be more likely to have heart attacks and strokes than those with stable measurements
MERS first emerged in humans in Saudi Arabia in 2012 and has since spread to cause outbreaks in dozens of countries around the world
Rheumatoid arthritis is an immune system disorder that causes debilitating swelling and pain in the joints
Saudi Arabia's malls and bazaars are changing as retailers embrace a shift in shopping habits brought about by reforms ...
A health worker in northern England has become the third person in Britain to contract a rare illness caused by a monkeypox ...
The Thai capital is considering jailing people who feed pigeons in public to try to eliminate the risk of bird flu and ...
Diclofenac is often used to treat arthritis and other painful joint conditions. In many countries, it’s available without a prescription
Researchers found that higher levels of cadmium in the blood were associated with diminished contrast sensitivity
The findings may upend a common practice
80 years of marriage
Kids born through in vitro fertilization may be more likely to develop high blood pressure, a new study suggests
Effortlessly chic
A serious genital infection has been reported in patients taking a certain class of diabetes drugs.
Aziza Sami writes on the culinary discoveries to be made in a mediaeval Egyptian cookbook

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