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Watching an action movie? Better keep high-calorie snacks out of reach, a new research says

An outbreak of dengue fever in Japan -- the first since World War II -- has affected at least 22 ...

An experimental drug from Swiss pharma giant Novartis reduced deaths from chronic heart failure ...

shift work ups your probability of getting diabetes by up to almost 42%
As sale and use skyrocket, and although more time is needed to further prove the risks posed by E-cigarettes to users and by standers, many parties urge for stiff immediate regulations
A steep decline in overdose-related deaths in somee US states is strongly linked with legalising medical marijuana
Chronic wear and tear that your body suffers from the stress of a demanding job is strongly linked to developing diabets
"Suicide Tourism" see a spike as people flock to Switzerland to take their own lives
The largest Egyptian organisation raising awareness about breast cancer, celebrates a decade in the field by offering free checkups

The well-earned vacation with family or friends is a joy to look forward to. But travelling can bring its own health challenges that mar the holiday spirit. Ahram Online asked health experts for top travel tips

In a country where a quarter of the population suffers from high blood pressure and only 8% treat it, experts stress that greater awareness and lifestyle changes are needed

Ahram Online speaks to the increasing number of women who are challenging social norms by riding motorcycles and scooters

A breakthrough for combating malaria worldwide is pending, as the first vaccine awaits approval by leading UK drug maker

Ahram Online offers a glimpse into the top earning models of the last 12 months, according to Forbes' list

Billions are invested in Africa's flourishing, colourful, and very creative hair styling industry

The comfy expensive footwear is exploring new lines in an ambition to create a 'maison'

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