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Crowds counted down the minutes to midnight then lit up joints as smoking marijuana became legal ...

Could too much orange and grapefruit juice cause skin cancer?

When French superchef Alain Ducasse stunned the world of haute cuisine last year by dropping meat, ...

French authorities gave the go-ahead Friday to renovate the iconic former Parisian department store ...

Trans fats are the hot topic right now, as the US sets to completely phase them out from food. Understand what type of fats you are consuming.

Height-adjustable desks are growing in popularity in office settings, but there’s ...

A young South African man who had the world's first successful penis transplant last ...

Arabic calligraphy to replace the hundreds of thousands of "love locks"

Scientists agree that children raised by same-sex couples are no worse off than children raised ...

Moderate- or high-quality evidence supports the use of marijuana for some medical conditions, ...

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Football star Emad Meteb will join International Yoga Day celebrations at the Embassy of India; Renowned Indian actor Amitabh Bachchan released a special video promoting the event to the world

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Smokers need to smoke less and quit early, and for those are not smokers – never start smoking

Experts give pointers to diabetics who are considering fasting from dawn till dusk this Ramadan

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The new is in but the old is never out when it comes to the inevitable fixture of Ramadan desserts, konafa and katayef. Ahram Online takes a look at ten of the best places to buy these seasonal treats, in alphabetical order

Ahram Online talks Sufism, fresh veggies and fruits at one of Cairo's few restaurants that abides by nature's rule of 'in season'

Ahram Online delves into the colourful traditional menu of a Cairene restaurant that brings back nostalgia of a grandma’s lunch table

Ahram Online takes a peek around the workshop of renowned Egyptian jewelry designer Azza Fahmy

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Pamela Eyring, owner and president of The Protocol School of Washington, speaks up about respect and etiquette in a shared workplace

Women reportedly turned away from a film premiere for failing to wear heels at a Cannes premiere.

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