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Egypt's health ministry says coronavirus found in four camels may suggest infections among humans
A research proves that even if a person is not dependant on marijuana, pot use alters the brain.
Facebook was cited in previous researches as the cause of one third of divorces in some communities, now a new study adds to its harms on relationships
Controversy erupts around the nurse accused of injecting a child with HIV in a country previously regarded as one of the leading African countries to shun HIV-related stigmas
Death of 1000 chicken led to researchers discovering the first bird flu case to appear in japan in three years
First case of MERS detected in Yemen sparks further fear of an epidemic spread in the region as the disease sets foot in new countries
A new study proves that a teenagers who indulge in colorful fruits and veggies reduce the risk of breast tumors occurrence
A mentally challenging job is proven to pay off in later years, keeping the mind sharp and slowing its decline
Schools and other communities in Egypt give the colour blue deeper meaning with attempts to raise awareness and show solidarity during autism month

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The party drug ketamine could one day be used to help some people suffering from severe depression, ...

A growing trend of fitness initiatives lead by young Egyptians on aim to change the lifestyle and mentality of the nation

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Ahram Online talks to nutrition expert about how Egyptian parents can teach their children healthy lifestyle habits

During the inauguration of the first dedicated Multiple Sclerosis treatment unit in Egypt, experts shed light on the disease that affects 500,000 youth in society

Ahead of the second annual Cairo Fashion Festival, Ahram Online talks with Sara Hegazy, a young Egyptian engineer-turned-designer inspired by Om Kulthoum, beautiful flowers, and famous paintings

Running until 12 April, an exhibition of saris wraps the classical Indian garment around Egyptian viewers

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