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Thursday, 08 December 2016
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A new initiative aims to provide governorates heavily populated with refugees with upgraded forms of medical and social help
More than 1,000 young residents took part in Friday's "Downtown Cairo-Geneva Run" which was organized by ...
The run will wind through 4 km of historic Cairo neighbourhoods
Meet the oldest human alive, with the most amazing story, and most peculiar diet!
The condition has been tied to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and general inflammation, which in turn have been tied stroke and hardening of the arteries
4.5 million people in Egypt are living with partial or complete hearing loss
Ice Rolls give ice cream a warm profile
Chocolate lovers the world over know it: nothing can quite match an indulgent chocolate feast
A festival on Saturday will celebrate the crop that ticks all the boxes for food with maximum nutrition
Ahram Online meets one of the leading experts on the making of Swiss chocolate during his visit to Egypt to launch the Swiss Chocolate Festival
AlReef ElDemashqi attracts clients encouraged by its delicious, not overly expensive food
Fernando’s gives a fresh face to Italian restaurants that have always been closely associated with the Alexandria dining out tradition
With warm colours and Egyptian fabrics, designers have begun introducing their winter collections on local and international markets
Officials and organizers of the Miss Universe 2016 competition confirmed on Wednesday the next pageant will be held in ...
Ahram Online peeks into a programme that helps students find their way around the fascinating world of jewellery making, or more properly find a relation to beauty
As the worldsees the biggest wave of urban growth in history, with millions of people flocking to the fast-growing cities ...
On 28 October, Egypt will witness a new season of the 'Cairo Wedding Festival' extravaganza
The tomato fight has been a tradition in Bunol since the end of World War Two
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Paris is suffering its worst and most prolonged winter pollution for at least 10 years, the Airparif agency which measures ...
By hollowing out the crystals, sugar will be reduced by up to 40 percent without affecting the taste
The drug suppressed the virus to undetectable levels in eight monkeys, some for two years
Likewise, the researchers found a five-fold increase in risk among smokers ages 50 to 65 years and about a three-fold increase in risk among smokers over age 65 years
could be "the final nail in the coffin" for the disease if it is successful
Dr. Cooley implanted the world's first artificial heart
Monroe wore the dress as she sang "Happy Birthday to You" to Kennedy in a breathy performance at a May 19, 1962
Scientists in Britain have developed a type of HIV test using a USB stick that can give a fast and highly accurate reading ...
The number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has ballooned to 1,410 within three weeks of the outbreak being declared, ...
The procedure is no longer performed. But the study of the children is timely because just last month, the first baby was born from mixed genetic material from three people
The astonishing results challenge what is typical practice today by headache specialists
Cigarettes contribute to more than 1 in 4 cancer deaths in the U.S. The rate is highest among men in Southern states where ...
Stroke survivors with secondhand smoke exposure were about twice as likely to die
The "flawless quality" diamonds weigh 52.55 and 50.47 carats
Polio is a contagious viral disease which invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours
She said that women who are well enough to have a baby in their later years shouldn't be afraid to do so
The atlas aims to chart the types of all human cells across all tissues and organs and build a reference map of the healthy human body
The move comes as PepsiCo and rival Coca-Cola come under increasing pressure from health experts and governments
Prevalence of obesity worldwide more than doubled between 1980 and 2014, with nearly 40 percent of people globally overweight.
One-hundred percent of non-organic muesli samples analysed contained pesticide residues, a survey conducted by the French ...
Sales generated by fashion-related businesses based in France totaled 150 billion euros compared to 102 billion for aerospace and 39 billion euros for cars
Chanel's Lagerfeld turns fashion into giant data center
For discoveries related to the degrading and recycling of cellular components
Five Nobel Prize decisions that, in hindsight, seem questionable

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