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Mega pharmaceutical companies are racing against time in an effort to produce an Ebola vaccine
A new drug is approved by FDA, and set to outshine the drug Sovaldi, both in final cost and treatment duration


Americans Eric Betzig, 54, at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Virginia, ...

Health ...

A new study proves that investing into a realtionship with a conciencious spouscoul be the best thing a person does to his career.

Thousands of children who have lost parents to the west African Ebola epidemic risk are being shunned ...

Could a new hope for breast cancer patients be looming in the horizon?

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie's decision to make public her double mastectomy more ...

Local foundation launches events to encourage early diagnosis of breast cancer and to lift stigmas of the disease

As panic rises after a geared American health worker gets infected with Ebola, five answers are given to the most common questions regarding the deadly virus spread

Recent studies reveal that Egyptians are at high risk from heart failure. Statistics, causes, treatment breakthroughs, and the importance of more awareness were discussed at a recent convention in Alexandria

The Obama administration urged the international community Friday to view outbreaks of Ebola, MERS ...

A campaign is launched to raise awareness about a rarely discussed form of cancer which affects the head and neck, and kills 1,900 people in Egypt every year

Ahram Online talks to Egyptian designer Sara Hegazy, whose Cleopatra-inspired collection provoked much praise at Paris Fashion Week

As Paris witnesses the final leg of the four main fashion weeks for Spring/Summer 2015, Ahram Online looks at the main highlights of the star-studded event

Next Friday is to witness a festival celebration of the crop that ticks all the boxes foe food with maximum nutrition

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