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Men carrying out illegal excavation work found the remains of an Egyptian temple from the reign of New Kingdom King Tuthmose III

Archaeologists unearthed the missing head of one of the two sphinxes found guarding the entrance ...

Two different passengers were caught attempting to smuggle out collections of coins from the 19th and 20th century
Seven Ottoman coins were found Wednesday in possession of an Egyptian passenger headed for the UAE
To celebrate World Tourism Day, Egypt's Ministry of Antiquities allows free visits to all open archaeological sites around Egypt, Saturday and Sunday; announces additional activities

Egypt's antiquities minister denied Tuesday claims that the Djoser pyramid, the country's ...

Entitled "Wahed Tout", the Ministry of Antiquities is celebrating Coptic New Year with lectures and music tonight at the Coptic Museum
Campaign started in Islamic Cairo, with help from local residents
The Caravanserai will be restored by both the antiquities and housing minstries  
Police customs at Safaga Port confiscated seven parcels filled with a collection of authentic artefacts, coins, old stamps and rare documents

The Ministry of Antiquities is to receive artefacts from London after a period of diplomatic negotiations

Alexandria's Greco-Roman museum, which has been closed since 2005, will be restored using Italian funds and expertise

Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Pope Towadros II of Alexandria opened the Hanging Church in Old Cairo today after 16 years of restoration at a budget of LE101 million

The UK Museums Association has withdrawn the membership of Northampton Museum for five years after it sold to a private collector the renowned ancient Egyptian Sekhemka statue

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