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Thursday, 30 March 2017
A door and decorative elements stolen from the Sultan Al-Kamel Al-Ayyubi shrine inside Al-Imam Al-Shafie Dome have been recovered
Egypt is inaugurating its largest on-site antiquities laboratory, to restore the second ceremonial boat of Pharaoh Cheops, ...
The discovery of the statue was made by the European-Egyptian mission, working under the umbrella of the German Archaeological Institute
Initial studies reveal that the statue is not of King Ramses II, as originally suggested
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The Ministry of Antiquities is to organise the first annual meeting of archaeobotanists working in Egypt, Wednesday
The intact tomb of the brother of a 12th Dynasty Elephantine governor has been uncovered, containing a range of funerary goods
The mask was among items stolen and illegally smuggled out of the country in 2013
The eight metre quartzite statue was found near the temple of Ramses II in the temple precinct of ancient Heliopolis in Greater Cairo
The Sultan Al-Kamel Al-Ayyubi shrine is located within Al-Imam Al-Shafie Dome, one of the largest of the Ayyubid era
Bulldozers from a neighbouring quarry had entered the Dahshour necropolis site
An exhibition on Egypt’s Coptic 'martyrs' from the early Coptic era until the present was inaugurated on Thursday at Cairo’s Coptic Museum
Two ancient Egyptian pieces carved in glass were handed over to Egypt’s embassy in London

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