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Friday, 13 December 2019
An Egyptian-German archaeological mission working at Heliopolis Temple in Matariya has uncovered a number of blocks from ...
In 2018, Archaeology Magazine selected the Saqqara mummy workshop as one of 2018's top 10 discoveries
During a press conference, the antiquities minister said Saturday's was not the last discovery of the year, but that there will be another one next month before Christmas celebrations
The tombs have rock-hewn structures found at the edge of the Eastern Cemetery
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An Egyptian archaeological mission from the Ministry of Antiquities has unearthed a red granite royal bust of King Ramses ...
The symposium is to highlight the successful fieldwork to date and to conserve ancient manuscripts up to 1500 years old with the support of the British council's cultural protection fund
The discoveries include a clay oven and area for workmen, and a royal tomb
The ruins of a temple belonging to Ptolemy IV, the fourth pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt (221 – 204 BC), were unearthed ...
A collection of four gigantic objects have arrived at the Grand Egyptian Museum for eventual display on the museum’s grand staircase
The obelisk will be restored, assembled and erected in Tahrir Square
For 30 days, starting mid-August, an image of Egyptologist Zahi Hawass appears on one of the largest digital billboards ...
A new museum on the development of Egypt’s capitals is to be opened this year in the New Administrative Capital, writes Nevine El-Aref

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