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Hawass promotes Egypt and receives honorary PhD during a gala ceremony marking the 90th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Bulgaria and Egypt
Egypt's antiquities ministry denies that the rectangular leg statue of god Amun-Re at Karnak Temple has been restored recently, saying an image circulating showing it with cement legs is 50 years old
After a decade-long hiatus, the Piece of the Month will grace the Egyptian Museum's entrance gate
A late period shrine named ‘Bady Bay’ is to arrive to the store galleries of the Grand Egyptian Museum on Thursday

Prosecutors referred for trial on Saturday eight Egyptian Museum employees charged with negligence ...

A temporary exhibition for recently recuperated artefacts that have been stolen and illegally smuggled out of Egypt is set to open on Thursday at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir
All archaeological sites in Egypt will be free of charge on Thursday to celebrate Archaeologists' Day
The old and new wings of Dar Al-Mahfouzat at Salaheddin Citadel is to be restored soon in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance
Archaeologists and antiquities lovers are upset at the lack of security in the Giza Plateau, and the breaking off and sale of pieces of the pyramids  
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The young tourist climbed to the top of the Great Pyramid in Giza where he took photos and videos which he posted online

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The remains of an Old Kingdom wooden boat were unearthed in Abusir necropolis, 25 kilometres from the Giza Plateau

Four medieval mosques and shrines in Al-Khalifa street have been restored

A child skeleton dating to 3,800-3,600 BC discovered in Nag Al-Qarmila, in Aswan, may be the oldest discovered case of scurvy in the world

The two tiny robot cameras are to help in exploring challenging corridors inside antiquities sites

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