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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
The antiquities minister and the renowned Egyptolgist were honoured for their efforts to boost Polish-Egyptian cooperation in archaeology and tourism
All the Egyptian pieces are from the collection of the museums and are not part of a temporary exhibition in Germany, as was rumoured
The head of the Central Administration for Archaeological Ports and Units said an archaeological committee examined the pieces and proved their authenticity
During the solar alignment, sun rays enter the temple’s sanctum to light three of four statues
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'The international community has sent a strong signal of support to Lebanon following this tragedy,' said Ernesto Ottone, assistant UNESCO Director-General for Culture
A number of mud brick Roman ovens and a large wall from the Egyptian Late Period have been discovered at the Avenue of ...
The Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Sovereign Fund of Egypt signed on Tuesday a contract to develop and manage ...
The Egyptian embassy in Canada has invited Canadians to enjoy a 3D virtual journey across Egypt from Aswan to Alexandria, ...
A new burial chamber has been discovered at the mummification workshop complex of the 26th Dynasty at Saqqara
The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities is launching on Monday a new guided video tour to explore Islamic art in Egypt. The ...
The Third Dynasty Step Pyramid complex of King Djoser (c 2667–2648 BC) is Egypt’s oldest pyramid
The Tomb of Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep in Saqqara is Tuesday’s virtual tour on the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities’ ...

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