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The Egyptian community and antiquities lovers worldwide now have the opportunity to take part in the selection of the Egyptian Museum's Piece of the Month

A Harvard professor who caused a huge splash when she unveiled a small fragment of papyrus that ...

A memorandum of cooperation between the Ministry of Antiquities and the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage is to be signed Sunday in Saudi Arabia
The tomb of Nefertari in the Valley of the Queens and the tomb of King Seti I in the Valley of the Kings have been closed for restoration
A collection of a hundred ancient Egyptian artefacts is to arrive to the Grand Egyptian Museum on the Giza plateau
The palace, built by Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik in the early twentieth century, is located on the island of Manial in Cairo.
The Minister of Antiquities inaugurated the first major exhibition of underwater archaeology at the British Museum in London
Conservators gather at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization on Monday to celebrate their work and achievements protecting the country’s antiquities
A documentary on the transportation processes of this distinguished collection will be screened at the GEM during its official inauguration  
Two stolen and illegally smuggled sarcophagi lids returned Thursday afternoon to Egypt from Israel

The Ministry of Antiquities is trying to solve the mystery behind the enigmatic sarcophagus found in tomb KV55 in the Valley of the Kings on Luxor's west bank

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After being restored in 2000, the palace fell again into disrepair and has been off limits for tourists since 2012, with a car bomb last year damaging it even further

The cedar timbers of the captain’s shrine of King Khufu’s second solar boat was unearthed from its pit neighbouring the great pyramid

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The artefacts, from various historical periods, will undergo comprehensive restoration before exhibition

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