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Sultan Eid, head of Luxor Antiquities, has denied media reports that artefacts have been ...

A new collection of beams of King Khufu’s second solar boat have been restored, arriving to the Grand Egyptian Museum for eventual display
The first batch of antiquities is to arrive to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
The now restored open gallery is part of a funerary complex built by the Mamluk sultan in the 15th century
Antiquities minister discovers Coptic funeral chariot in Al-Gamaliya, calls for it to be displayed at National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation
Claims that nine Late period artefacts are missing are unfounded, antiquities ministry says in statement
Two curators at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation arrested for forging antiquities
The Egyptian embassy in Switzerland received a collection of 32 ancient Egyptian artefacts from Swiss authorities
The Mons Claudianus archaeological site that stretches from the Red Sea to Qena province is to be restored with the view of developing it into an open air museum of Roman era quarrying in Egypt  
The funerary mask of the golden king Tutankahmun is to go into intensive care for restoration

Egypt has succeeded in stopping the sale of a stolen ancient Egyptian statue; artefact will return to Egypt soon

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Karnak temple on Luxor's east bank is safe after a failed attack near its parking area

A collection of 247 ancient Egyptian artefacts were transferred Saturday from Saqqara archaeological site to the Grand Egyptian Museum, set for a soft opening in 2018

The Cairo Governor gave one months notice for either antiquities ministry to register house or it would continue to face demolition

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