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A national campaign to rescue 100 monuments in historic Cairo begins today
The two 4,000 year old reliefs were discovered at the Ptolemaic royal port of Queen Berenice on the Red Sea coast
Some windows of the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square were broken from a car bomb explosion early Saturday at the Italian Consulate on Galaa Street, Downtown Cairo

Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty and the head of the EU delegation in Egypt, ...

Saint Eugene Church in Port Said is put on Egypt's Heritage List for Islamic and Coptic Monuments
A part of a column that was stolen from Tutmosis hall at Karnak Temple arrived in Egypt today from London

Sultan Eid, head of Luxor Antiquities, has denied media reports that artefacts have been ...

A new collection of beams of King Khufu’s second solar boat have been restored, arriving to the Grand Egyptian Museum for eventual display
Four pre-dynasty tombs have been uncovered at Tel Al-Farkha in the Nile Delta  
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Exhibition to mark the opening of the New Suez Canal will take place at the Egyptian Museum

Three engraved reliefs, recently unearthed in Aswan, are set to change the history of Al-Hoody's Middle Kingdom settlement

The textile museum in Al-Nahassin is to open tomorrow night after restoration

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The funerary mask of the golden king Tutankahmun is to go into intensive care for restoration

Egypt has succeeded in stopping the sale of a stolen ancient Egyptian statue; artefact will return to Egypt soon

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