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Members of the UK House of Lords warn that Westminster Palace, one of the most famous London landmarks, may lose its status as a World Heritage site
Tomb of Nubia Viceroy during the reign of King Tutankhamun is to be opened in mid-December at Qurnet Marei on Luxor’s west bank
Egyptian museum is free for children on Thursday to mark International Day of People with Disability
A detailed UNESCO report on restoration works carried out at Djoser's Step Pyramid in Saqqara and in Historic Cairo will be issued mid-December
Delegations of international antiquities experts to issue report on Cairo sites
Fifteen wooden beams of King Khufu's second solar boat, damaged by water and insects, have been transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum after its restoration in situ at Giza plateau

Some 90 years after the British Egyptologist Howard Carter discovered his intact tomb in the Valley ...

Men carrying out illegal excavation work found the remains of an Egyptian temple from the reign of New Kingdom King Tuthmose III
Tomb of royal wife and several bronze statuettes discovered by French archaeologists  
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The sarcophagus of god Amun’s singer unearthed in a tomb at Assassif area on Luxor’s west bank

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Collection of 48 antique coins and Roman-era map of Palestine taken from passengers at airport

Large collection of Egyptian, Ptolemaic, Byzantine and Islamic items were smuggled to France

A female ancient Egyptian mummy wearing gold jewellery has been unearthed at the temple of Thutmose III in Al-Gorna on Luxor’s west bank

A sandstone head of the 18th dynasty King Amenhotep III is unearthed at Armant temple

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