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Airport Customs foiled a smuggling attempt on 20 Islamic and modern era coins
The statue had previously been on display at Northampton Museum in the UK
Eight Islamic decorations from a Cairo mosque and a sarcophagus lid were smuggled out of Egypt and ended up in Copenhaged and Paris
While Egyptian officials denounce the controversial sale and work on preventing it, UK local council claims the move has long been endorsed by Egypt as legal and insists the sale is on
A well preserved limestone chapel from the reign of the 11th Dynasty king Mentuhotep II has been unearthed in Sohag
Remains of ancient city discovered 25km south of Rashid (Rosetta) in the Nile Delta
Gang of illegal excavators arrested; objects confiscated from gang leader's home
The Ministry of Antiquities and Heritage is putting on a cultural programme that showcases traditional Ramadan celebrations
A painted limestone relief that was stolen and illegally smuggled to Germany during the last century arrives back in Egypt  
First phase of a new rehabilitation project will regulate the price of horse and camel rides and place souvenir peddlers in a designated area

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The name of the cave may sound bleak - Sima de los Huesos, Spanish for "Pit of the ...

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Tomb number TT 209 in Assasif area on Luxor's West Bank was rediscovered yesterday by Spanish excavators

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Three illegal excavation pits found at Akhmim archaeological site in Upper Egypt's Sohag. Ministry of Antiquities to probe site for possible temple

German collectors praised by Egyptian officials for agreeing to return item stolen from Luxor last century

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