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Monday, 22 May 2017
The embalming materials of Ipi, vizier and overseer of Thebes and member of the elite during the reign of King Amenemhat I in the early 20th Dynasty, have been rediscovered in his tomb at Deir Al-Bahari on Luxor's west bank.
The block is engraved with the cartouche of the 30th Dynasty King Nectanebo II, who is known for his construction projects
The family of football player Cristiano Ronaldo expressed enthusiasm while learning about Egypt's ancient history
The Late Period burial site was discovered at the Tuna Al-Gabal archaeological site by a team from Cairo University
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The 'major discovery' unearthed artefacts near the necropolis of birds and animals
The wooden box of the canopic jars and remains of an anthropoid sarcophagus were uncovered inside the newly discovered pyramid remains in Dahshur necropolis
Egypt recovered a limestone relief and a collection of 44 cosmetic containers from France
This is the third annual conference on the boy-king to be held by the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities
For the first time, an almost 4000 year-old funerary garden is uncovered in Draa Abul Naga necropolis on Luxor’s west bank
Investigations are currently underway to determine the cause of the blaze
As part of an effort by the Ministry of Antiquities to increase historical awareness among Egyptians, the Museum of Islamic ...
The Ministry of Antiquities is to organise the first annual meeting of archaeobotanists working in Egypt, Wednesday

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