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The museum displaying pieces of Egypt's distinguished history will open at the end of October
Basalt blocks of King Nakhtanebu I's shrine were unearthed today in Matariya area in Ain Shams, Cairo
France offered the NMEC director the government’s highest award for his devotion to Egyptology and Egyptian archaeologists
The stolen sixth dynasty wooden statuette will be repatriated to Egypt in October
Archaeologist Nicholas Reeves is to arrive to Luxor, 28 September, in the hope of confirming his theory on the location of Nefertiti's final resting place in Tutankhamun's tomb
The boy king's resting place will undergo restoration work
The ancient water-way was a key transport link for the 26th Dynasty and was lost to silt around two millennia ago
Egypt invented a conservation material made of nuclear power to restore artefacts
The golden mask is guaranteed a ‘safe transportation and restoration process’ by a team who have ‘left nothing to chance’  
An exhibition displaying the different styles and shapes of footwear in ancient Egypt is to open under the auspices of the Ministry of Antiquities tomorrow evening at the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir

The restoration of King Tutankhamun's world-famous golden mask will begin Saturday, over a ...

Legal measures are being taken to stop the sale of illegally smuggled antiquities in London

A New Kingdom relief illegally smuggled out of the country has been retrieved from England

Egyptian Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh Eldamaty tells Ahram Online his expectations and plans regarding Egyptologist Nicholas Reeves' theory on the location of Nefertiti’s crypt

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