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The palace, built by Prince Mohamed Ali Tewfik in the early twentieth century, is located on the island of Manial in Cairo.
The Minister of Antiquities inaugurated the first major exhibition of underwater archaeology at the British Museum in London
Conservators gather at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization on Monday to celebrate their work and achievements protecting the country’s antiquities
A collection of 13 stone engravings arrived to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilisation from Aswan
The report published in newspapers today claiming a fire had broken into Sohag archaeological gallery in Upper Egypt is unfounded, officials tell Ahram Online
The second international conference on the mysterious King Tutankhamun is to begin Friday morning at the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking the Giza Plateau
A collection of 1199 artefacts was transferred from Alexandria archaeological galleries to the Grand Egyptian Museum overlooking Giza Plateau.
A temporary exhibit on early alphabetic inscriptions in Egypt was inaugurated last night in celebration of Sinai Liberation Day
The Edfu Temple Groundwater Lowering Project has been completed after three years of work  
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A 12th dynasty mummy of a prominent ancient Egyptian noblewoman was unearthed in Upper Egypt by a Spanish archaeological mission

Israel on Sunday returned to Egypt two stolen sarcophagi lids, saying the repatriation of the millennia-old ...

Experts disagreed on whether ongoing radar scans would reveal the existence of a hidden burial chamber within King Tutankhamun’s tomb

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Evidence pointing to the existence of a temple to King Nekhtanebo I was unearthed at Heliopolis archaeological site in Matariya

Minister of Antiquities Khaled El-Enany did not stop a radar survey on King Tutankhamun's burial chamber, as rumoured, but rather postponed all works inside the tomb until a scientific discussion is held 8 May 8

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