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The lower part of a statue of Egyptian King Sahure, who reigned in the 25th century BC, was discovered at El-Kab archaeological site
A woman's sarcophagus, over three-millennia-old funerary boat models and even human remains reportedly all set to land back in Cairo on Friday evening
Found on the archeological site of the Heliopolis temple, the chapel dates back to the reign of king Nectanebu I in the fourth century BC
Egypt and Germany are expected to sign a deal to complete construction in order to open the Egyptology museum next year, after over a decade's delay
Campaigners trying to block the Sekhemka statue from leaving the UK say they would prefer the statue return to Egypt rather than it being kept by a private owner
The soon to be hotel will also include a visitors centre with the purpose of informing guests and the public about the history of the building
The Merimde Beni Salama site is about 60km north-west of Cairo and is considered to be the oldest evidence of civilisation on the Delta
British campaigners pledge to work hard for permanent export ban on the Egyptian Sekhemka statue.
The Ministry of Antiquities’ decision to remove artefacts unearthed on the site of Al-Abd Theatre in Alexandria and hand the land over to its original owner triggers a controversy  
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A mud brick tomb of the third dynasty king Kha-Ba has been discovered in the Delta

A collection of antiquities are to be returned to Egypt after being found in a persons luggage at New York airport by customs

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Egyptian Museum director says Italian archaeology expert theory unsubstantiated by scientific evidence

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Two sixth dynasty tombs of King Pepi II’s priests uncovered in Saqqara

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For the earliest Egyptologists, a trip to the Egyptian Museum in Turin was considered indispensable. ...

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