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Rumours abound about the fate and future of the boy-king's beard- though the ministry of antiquities assured the international press that it will by experts
Fatimid dome of Al-Maadawi in Aswan was severely damaged when a crane collapsed on it on Tuesday
Agents discover canopic jars, statues of Isis and Sekhmet on shipping container from Alexandria
Tutankhamen’s mask was damaged during a botched repair job by officials at the Egyptian museum

Conservators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo say the blue and gold braided beard on a mask of famed ...

Military structure of Al-Amir Wall has been uncovered in Tel Habuwa in Ismailiya

Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been ...

Members of the UK House of Lords warn that Westminster Palace, one of the most famous London landmarks, may lose its status as a World Heritage site
Militant attacks in North Sinai on Thursday damaged the museum's walls and interior  
A painted tomb of the guard of god Amun’s gate uncovered in Luxor

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Two black granite busts of the ancient Egyptian lioness goddess Sekhmet un-earthed in Luxor

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Al-Azhar mosque, one of the most famous and oldest in the world, will undergo restoration- though not for the first time

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Did the protruding beard of the iconic golden mask of the boy king Tutankhamun break off only to be glued back on with epoxy?

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A Graeco-Roman necropolis was uncovered during illegal excavations in Alexandria

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