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Agents discover canopic jars, statues of Isis and Sekhmet on shipping container from Alexandria
Tutankhamen’s mask was damaged during a botched repair job by officials at the Egyptian museum

Conservators at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo say the blue and gold braided beard on a mask of famed ...

Military structure of Al-Amir Wall has been uncovered in Tel Habuwa in Ismailiya

Czech archaeologists have unearthed the tomb of a previously unknown queen believed to have been ...

Members of the UK House of Lords warn that Westminster Palace, one of the most famous London landmarks, may lose its status as a World Heritage site
Tomb of Nubia Viceroy during the reign of King Tutankhamun is to be opened in mid-December at Qurnet Marei on Luxor’s west bank
Egyptian museum is free for children on Thursday to mark International Day of People with Disability
Militant attacks in North Sinai on Thursday damaged the museum's walls and interior  
Did the protruding beard of the iconic golden mask of the boy king Tutankhamun break off only to be glued back on with epoxy?

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A Graeco-Roman necropolis was uncovered during illegal excavations in Alexandria

Pre-historic human skeleton will be returned to Egypt from Belgium and put on display in Fustat

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A relief depicting a yet unidentified king presenting offerings to gods Thoth and Amun-Re has been unearthed in Aswan

A symbolic tomb of the god Osiris has been discovered at Al-Gorna on Luxor’s west bank

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