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Tuesday, 17 October 2017
The newly uncovered temple in Abusir necropolis helps piece together the activities of Ramses II in the Memphis area
A granite pyramid peak, probably belonging to Queen Ankhnespepy II, was unearthed in Saqqara
The lower part of a statue of Psamtik I has been unearthed in Souk Al-Khamis area in Matariya district following earlier discoveries in March
The second chariot of King Tutankhamun has joined the collection of the golden pharaoh at the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) ...
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To celebrate 200 years since the discovery of the King Seti I tomb, a free visit to King Tutankhamun's tomb will be available to Seti tomb visitors 17 October
Pre-Dynastic wall markings have been uncovered in Subeira Valley near Aswan
In 1869, Egypt's first Opera House officially opened during the reign of Khedive Ismail. Designed byItalian architect ...
The synagogue in El-Manshia Square was built by Baron Yacoub de Menasce in 1860
The ministry is hoping to promote Egypt's archaeological sites and museums via adverts and brochures in hotels
The pieces include Coptic textiles, a collection of headdresses decorated with Arabic calligraphy, and Ottomman-era manuscripts and medallions
The statues include a number of depictions of king Khafre, a bust of King Thutmose II wearing the nemes, a red granite statue of goddess Hathor and fragments of the sphinx's beard
The smuggling attempts were discovered at Cairo International Airport and Safaga harbour

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