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Friday, 20 October 2017
Translator Persa Koumoutsi has rendered many of Mahfouz's novels into Greek. Her autobiographical book reveals a lifelong passion for the great Egyptian novelist

The judging panel praised George Saunders's book that chronicles the death of Abraham Lincoln's 11-year-old son Willie using the accounts of hundreds of narrators as 'utterly original'

Atwood was in Frankfurt to receive the German book trade's annual "Peace Prize" for her prescient body of work

Ishiguro has uncovered the abyss beneath our illusory sense of connection with the world

Kuwaiti pioneer of the novel Laila Al-Othman reflects on her life and career as an author in her autobiography

The Man Booker Prize's shortlist has raised many eyebrows as it excluded a number of big names

Clinton reveals the inner workings of her campaign strategy, admits mistakes and vehemently criticizes Trump in her new book

Several dozen leftist protesters shouted "Nazis out" while counter-demonstrators responded with "Everyone hates Antifa"
One of the poorest areas in southern Italy is attempting to cast off the stereotype of Kalashnikov-wielding teens and get its young off the streets by flooding the turf with theatre, cinema and literature
The man behind Conde Nast publishing empire that includes influential publications from The New Yorker to Vanity Fair and Vogue, has died
Writer, Basma Abdel-Aziz, will talk about her book "The Power of Text" in an event held at the Goethe Institute library, on Thursday, 28 Sep at 7:00pm
The first volume of diplomat and politician Amr Moussa’s memoirs was published in Cairo on Wednesday
Dupree amassed a vast collection of books, maps, photographs and rare recordings of folk music, all now housed at a center she founded at Kabul University
King was blocked by the president this summer. He has a long history of being critical of Trump.
The book was the brainchild of a group of high-ranking former civil servants and diplomats known as the 'G25', which was formed to push back against intolerance
The memoir exposed the alleged role of Pakistan's former spy chief Shuja Pasha in quashing a murder trial against the author
The memoir includes descriptions of how a 2014 motorcycle accident left him in a coma with a dozen broken bones

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