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The latest book by Algerian novelist Samir Kacimi is light hearted and playful and delves into what it means to be a writer
Siegfried Lenz was an impassioned participant in the intellectual life of his era, and held lively debates with luminaries such as Nobel laureate Gunter Grass and poet and Holocaust survivor Paul Celan
Masterwork by renowned geographer shows the uniqueness Egypt's land, the regional character of the nation
Latest edition in GEBO's series on Egyptian artists, this time on Fathy Ahmed, one of the country's most renowned
Sam Roberts, the urban affairs correspondent at The New York Times, wrote a column two years ago highlighting 50 city-defining objects, but reader feedback inspired him to expand the list to the 101 featured here
The Penguin Random House imprints Vintage Books and Vintage Espanol announced Monday that nine English-language e-books will be published Oct. 15
In previous years, entry was limited to novels written by citizens of Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth
Working for Time, The Washington Post and others, David Greenway, covered nearly every significant historical conflict during the past half-century from Vietnam and Israel to Afghanistan and Iraq
Trierweiler met Hollande in the mid-2000s while he was in a relationship with fellow politician Segolene Royal and the pair began a secret liaison
The 33-year-old entertainer , Nick Cannon, is working on a book of poems for childre
Simin Behbahani, who was a longstanding champion of women's rights, opponent of death penalty and nominated for Nobel literature prize had always feared dying abroad, chose not to emigrate
Alef Bookstore in Maadi will host Egyptian writer Ashraf El-Khamaysi on 15 August at 7:00pm to discuss his new novel Shard Deviation
The memoirs of famous Egyptian painter Inji Efflatoun reveal the secret behind her family name and shed light on her political sensibilities and artistic production

A new autobiography fills in some gaps in the record of what happened on the ground in Egypt's fateful intervention in Yemen in the 1960s, where the army of Gamal Abdel Nasser found itself outmanoeuvred and exhausted

In his new book Gama'at Al-Ikhwan, author Dr. Ahmed Mahmoud Karima unveils the Muslim Brotherhood as a purely political organisation with little commitment to Islamic jurisprudence

Chinese authorities has banned books by eight writers in an escalating crackdown on dissent

Patrick Modiano’s works centre on topics such as memory, oblivion, identity, guilt and the city of Paris where he was born shortly after the end of world war two

The author provides an engaging linguistic analysis of the revolutionary slogans chanted across Tahir Square and other Egyptian cities, and the graffiti

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