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Piketty will deliver two lectures in Cairo 2 June under the theme title, "Capital in the Twenty-First Century: A Middle East perspective"
The tatto written in Burmese read: "A tattoo of the president is on my penis, my wife felt detestation when she married me."
South Korean author Han Kang has won the Man Booker International Prize for fiction with "The Vegetarian," an unsettling novel in which a woman's decision to stop eating meat has devastating consequences
A book about the first Protestant missions to the Muslim communities of the Middle East has won the prestigious Parkman Prize for history
Darwyn Cooke was best known for his vibrantly imaginative work on DC superheroes and noir crime stories
The second edition of Khalifa's novel was released from Dar El-Ain in Cairo and tells the story of a family making their way to bury their father in his village torn apart by a vicious war
L’Institut français d’Egypte will host French author Bertrand Badie on Wednesday, 4 May at 5:00pm to discuss his latest book entitled We are No More Alone in This World
Six shortlisted authors are competing to win the prestigious prize worth $50,000
The medically themed Wellcome Book Prize aims to bridge the gap between literature and science
Martini's latest novel featuring attorney Paul Madriani and his partner, Harry Hinds, starts with what seems to be a simple case that soon escalates into a scenario with international ramifications

Naji was sentenced to two years in jail last February for 'violating public decency' and 'using erotic language' in his latest novel

Rabai al-Madhoun is Palestinian-born but now British citizen who lives and works in London as an editor for Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper

Cervantes's "Don Quixote" is one of the world's most translated works, perhaps only surpassed by the Bible

El-Aswany's novel was released on Wednesday in Hebrew without the author's permission, according to the writer's Twitter page

To write the trilogy, Gulpery relied on memoirs she used to write in French since she was a little girl on the encouragement of her teacher

The book focuses on the weaknesses and lapses in political Islam, whose advocates elected the Muslim Brotherhood

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