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Friday, 22 March 2019
Minister of Foreign Affairs of Portugal Augusto Santos Silva writes exclusively for Ahram Online and Al-Ahram Weekly

The massacres carried out at mosques in New Zealand last week have drawn world attention to the dangerous spread of white supremacist ideas, writes Hany Ghoraba

How to prevent the deepening of the divide between the civilised world and that driven by hatred and racial, sectarian and religious violence is the urgent issue of our times, writes Hussein Haridy

More multi-faceted cooperation is needed in order to ensure the success of the Fifth Arab-African Summit

While many African women have made important contributions to the continent, too many still suffer from marginalisation and exclusion, suggesting the need for an organisation of African women

The African Union can earn its well-deserved membership of the G20 by emphasising its considerable strengths

Algeria is in search of a new political legitimacy. The political elite can listen and adapt or go the way of the wind

Samir Sobhi describes his own relationship to Egypt’s 1919 Revolution
The 1919 Revolution had extraordinary impacts on both national and democratic life in Egypt, setting the stage for the decades to come, writes Walid Abdelnasser
Despite the relative failure of the Hanoi talks between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-Un, hope is not lost for a unified, peaceful Korean Peninsula
What seems from the outside a failure to reach a deal between Washington and Pyongyang is more likely just another step in a story that will see further chapters yet
From the cauldron of defeat in World War II, Japan built itself anew by rebuilding its human capacities. Its success remains an example from which others should learn
Egypt’s media should play a greater role in reaching out to the African continent
Taking place every year on 21 February, World Student Day owes its origins to the independence struggle of Egyptian students
European and Arab leaders will be meeting next weekend in Sharm El-Sheikh to discuss issues including irregular migration across the Mediterranean Sea
The Arabs should keep open avenues for cooperation and partnership with Asia as it becomes an economic centre of gravity in the world economy
Dialogue with the Arab-Islamic world has great importance for European security and sustainability as well as for promoting a true understanding between cultures and civilisations

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