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Saturday, 19 January 2019
The resignation of Jim Mattis is not just the departure of a senior official in the Trump administration, but the exit of a school of US foreign policy thinking.

The trade war between the United States and other countries has been harming international cooperation and hurting consumers worldwide.

As the new year begins, we could all benefit from learning to respect each other more and above all from learning to respect our differences.

Contrary to expectations, the recent government reshuffle in Saudi Arabia has strengthened and not weakened the hand of Mohamed bin Salman.

This year has seen a downward trajectory in the activities of terrorist groups in the Middle East, but there is little room for complacency

A major challenge the region may face in 2019 is a rise in the influence of a resurgent Al-Qaeda

Egypt has played a central role at the United Nations since the world organisation’s foundation in the dying days of World War II

The US Embassy in Cairo is committed to supporting Egyptian entrepreneurs throughout the year, including through the Egyptian-American Enterprise Fund

Egypt aims to lead the continent towards greater peace, prosperity and integration when it takes up the presidency of the African Union this month
President Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi has launched his Decent Life Initiative to improve the lives of all Egyptians, galvanising the efforts of government and civil society alike 
It would be a mistake to abandon print for online journalism, as many countries have already found to their cost
Developments over the last decade have put in question the myth that liberal democracy is the end to which all countries are headed or that it constitutes the end of history
Today’s globalised consumer culture directed at young people serves the interests of the market and the international powers that control it
The government should transfer responsibility for commuting to the workforce and employers in the interest of reducing fuel consumption and advancing productivity
In this next year and beyond, Iraq and Syria are likely to return to the Arab fold, while Saudi and Egyptian dynamism continues to drive the region towards a better future
Peace on the Korean Peninsula could be at hand if the US administration is willing to meet Pyongyang half way
Last year’s Nine Ministers Meeting between Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia should lead to the establishment of the Blue Nile Management Authority, an important step forward in the management of regional water resources

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