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Sunday, 20 August 2017
Gazans are suffering power outages, lack of water, and escalating pollution

Directed against Syrian refugees, an ugly parochialism has emerged in Lebanon that could threaten the country's delicate model of coexistence

Libya is in need of practical positive initiatives that facilitate dialogue between its warring parties more than individual meetings between leaders

After decades of creeping dominance by Islamist thinking and social controls, Egypt has learned its lesson and is pushing back on all fronts

Are Egyptian and Western academia two different worlds?

Ankara has gone too far in its defence of Qatar when it should have been trying to persuade the emirate to change its policies
When Israel and its apologists try to shift the ground for negotiations and extract concessions, they forget it is the Palestinian people that has the first and last say on a just peace
In light of the Riyadh Arab-Islamic-American Summit, we need to go back and visit an earlier article that appeared as President El-Sisi was about to meet President Trump in a formal visit to Washington in April, 2017

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