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Monday, 23 April 2018
Last week’s Western attacks on Syria were meant as a warning that the West is still capable of weighing in on the future of Syria and the Middle East region

Can the Wafd Party present a candidate in the next presidential elections?

Once again the Palestinian people, especially their valiant sons and daughters, have accomplished astonishing deeds in the Gaza Strip

Although the World Cup is almost upon us, the national team coach is still trying to figure out who’s going to play. That’s not good

Egypt has made much progress during the first term of President Al-Sisi. This progress needs to be consolidated and extended

We suffer from a distinct lack of knowledge about young people who time and again take us completely by surprise
Most Egyptians do not know the names of their political parties
Media wars can be victorious through effective and smartly led campaigns that focus on the truth
Since military might alone is not enough, world crises are now being managed on Twitter and TV
What best explains US President Donald Trump’s contradictory messages on the Syrian crisis, culminating in his decision to bomb Syrian targets this week
One of the fundamental teachings of Islam is that every individual must think for himself when deciding on rules of conduct
Ingrained preconceptions in part explain the Western media’s failure to understand the Middle East
What best explains the weakness of many political parties in the Arab world
There is an Arab world that could become less miserable than it has been in recent memory and much happier than it has been for a long time
The developing trade war between the United States and China is bad news for the countries concerned as well as for the rest of the world

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