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Saturday, 30 July 2016
This article is not about a long time friend, Mohamed Ghoneim, but rather an exceptional and dedicated Egyptian citizen who is a source of inspiration and pride for Egypt

Since its establishment on 17 July 1998, the International Criminal Court has stood firm in its commitment to justice

Turkish-Israeli diplomatic relations will resume without Turkey's two demands being met: lifting the embargo on Gaza and an Israeli apology for attacking a Turkish aid ship, killing and wounding activists

A negative opinion of NGOs has continued throughout multiple political regimes in Egypt. Thus, the new NGO law must take into consideration ways to change this attitude and to cope with the problems NGOs may face

Short-term and long-term measures must be taken to curb the phenomenon of cheating in Thanaweya Amma exams

As Erdogan goes for the retaliatory path, he seems to be the only winner following the failed coup, with Turkey at large left as the loser
Egypt's education system is failed. It demands urgent reform if the country's development aspirations are to be met
Egypt's draft law for organising media, currently awaiting parliamentary debate and approval, has worrying structural defects
Some say deterioration in the Egyptian media is desired by the government, to deflect attention from its performance. While no proof is provided of this, suspicions damage the media environment as a whole
The Brussels attacks illustrate the failure of European security and intelligence forces to confront and eliminate the threat of radicalised Islamist extremists
In Egypt in recent years the stream of violent imagery in the media has grown to a torrent, in contrast to most Western countries where graphic imagery is sanitised. Is a middle ground possible?

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