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Sunday, 19 August 2018
Abdel Moneim Said reflects on one of the greatest military leaders in US history — a man who fought to preserve the union and abolish slavery

Whereas Trump’s strong-arming appeared to work on North Korea, Iran is a different proposition, as Washington will likely find out

The five million Syrian refugees will doubtless one day return to their homeland after seven years of civil war, but they cannot be forced to do so

Georgina Merhom assesses progress on Egypt’s Vision 2030 sustainable development strategy

Egypt has the opportunity to become a leader in green development, setting an example for the rest of Africa and the Middle East

The influence of Facebook is becoming more and more questionable in many parts of the world, with pressure growing for more vigilance in its use

What do accounts by journalists close to the state have to say about the course of the 25 January Revolution

Reality has kicked in with increasing calls for a second referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union
A person alone and isolated from others cannot know God, as the road to God is through the hearts of others
Bolstered by Arab disarray, Israel is forging ahead with its own version of a final settlement to the Arab-Israeli conflict
Is an American-Iranian presidential summit on the cards? If so, what would each side stand to gain
The communist policies of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro have slashed the country’s economy in half, creating the biggest economic meltdown in its history
The opposition to US President Donald Trump will only succeed in removing him from office if his economic policies fail to serve the country’s business community
It is a crucial time for the Iranian people as well as for the region with the expectation of important changes to come
The current controversy over the dance “the Keke challenge” is the latest instance of a widening gap between the young and the old in Egypt
German footballer of Turkish descent Mesut Ozil should not be surprised that his meeting with the Turkish president has caused some to question his loyalty to Germany
The period of Nasser has come in for unprecedented criticism of late. Learning from the past is one thing, but it is perilous to oblige a nation to break from it

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