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Friday, 24 May 2019
Despite the rise in political temperatures in the Gulf, Egypt should focus on its western front with Libya and Sinai

Could Algeria and Sudan be ahead of the Arab Spring countries on their paths towards political reform

Indications are, by way of recent events, that the US and Israel are gearing up to impose an unfair peace on the Palestinians in return for a concord between the US and Russia

The region is seeing a new confrontation between Iran and the United States, but this need not lead to full-scale war

Trump’s proposed Middle East peace deal is to be unveiled within weeks. But by all indications, it won’t have much to stand on

As US-Iranian relations heat up, it is vital that the Arabs remain calm and strategic
Putin’s next few political moves, especially in the Middle East, may define his legacy as Russian leader
Often the incumbent president in US elections has an advantage. That may remain the case for Trump, but his unconventional presidency may lead to unconventional outcomes
The spiritual and celebratory sides of Ramadan go hand-in-hand together in Egypt
The carrot and the stick can often work together. But not where the primary interests of those proposing one or the other diverge
The Arabs are not the barbarians portrayed by their enemies abroad, but rather active participants in the contemporary global civilisation
Egypt and the Arab and Muslim world have lost a major thinker in the late Kamal Abul-Magd, a major contributor throughout his life to inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue
The end of the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq does not mean that its threat to global security is over
The holy month of Ramadan is an opportunity for Muslims to rejuvenate their lives, ruling out the race to excess that has sometimes intruded in recent years
While Africa's potential remains vast, most of it is left to waste, with the continent burdened by underdevelopment and dependency

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