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Monday, 29 August 2016
Should the migrants or their descendants adapt to France, or should France adapt to new realities imposed by other cultures? That was one of the questions that the Burkini case raised

Israel's regime of racial discrimination touches every aspect of Palestinian lives, including — and especially — such simple fundamentals as access to water

Will Trump victory in the US presidential elections lessen Washington's engagement in global issues related to global security?

Unlike the American project, the European project denies the need for a nation or a national framework

Ahmed Zewail, one of Egypt’s most prominent ever scientists and the Nobel Laureate that we have just lost, made a clear imprint on the research of chemistry and physics

The corruption revealed in wheat collecting is not the first and will not be the last case. Without effective monitoring and a strict legal system, any attempt to combat corruption will flounder

The decision of Justice Catherine Bruce to scrap a guilty verdict against a Canadian couple charged with plotting to kill tourists in 2013 raises important additional questions

With several factors negatively affecting Egypt's share of Nile water, how will the country handle the inevitable water shortage it will face in the coming years?
Muslim Brotherhood supporters cheer Erdogan's draconian authoritarianism because they are as opportunist and duplicitous as he is
In the coming few days, MPs will discuss a draft law on the construction and reconstruction of churches. The constitution stipulates that this bill has to be passed in the first legislative season
What is behind the drive that could see the European Union collapse?
It is time for both Egypt and Algeria to stop playing a divisive role in Libya and start acting in a cooperative framework that would help resolve the conflict in the country
The Arab League must be revamped and restructured, according to Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit, but there is a lack of will among Arab states to do so
As Erdogan goes for the retaliatory path, he seems to be the only winner following the failed coup, with Turkey at large left as the loser
Egypt's education system is failed. It demands urgent reform if the country's development aspirations are to be met

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