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Wednesday, 19 September 2018
Yomeddine is a journey of El-Minya-born Beshay in search of his family after leaving a leprosy colony
Apart of the film scores recomposed by Hisham Gabr, the special programme also features a screening of Chahine's newly restored film The Emigrant, a montage of scenes by Amir Ramsis, an exhibition of posters and paraphernalia
The second El-Gouna Film Festival will take place from 20 to 28 September
Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron’s “Roma”, a black-and-white drama based on his childhood in Mexico, ...
Burt Reynolds, whose good looks and charm made him one of Hollywood's most popular actors as he starred in such films ...
The festival runs between 4 and 10 September
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The festival runs between 3 and 8 October
The 2nd edition of El-Gouna fetsival runs between 20 and 28 September
- A new film on Netflix aims to make eastern Democratic Republic of Congo’s brutal conflict feel personal as it ...
A Turkish filmmaker was convicted on Friday of membership of a terrorist group for a feature film that portrayed President ...
In the non-fiction short, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival this week, Israeli and Palestinian actors read out ...
The second edition of El Gouna Film Festival will run between 20 and 28 September
Egyptian still photographer Khaled Al-Telmissany died Tuesday in a fatal car accident on the Abou Redis-Taba road in Sinai ...
The film is by award-winning director Mohamed Al-Daradji

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