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Sunday, 19 May 2019
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Canadian Egyptian Mena Massoud is starring in the live action remake of Disney’s 1992 animation Aladdin, a film directed by Guy Ritchie and also featuring Naomi Scott (Jasmine) and Will Smith (the Genie)
The independent non-profit foundation aims to produce 8-10 films a year 'to develop Egyptian artistic awareness'
Doris Day, the US screen icon famed for her wholesome, girl-next-door appeal in a string of box office hits, died Monday ...
Egyptian actress Mohsena Tawfik, who appeared in about 70 films, TV series and plays, died early on Tuesday at the age ...
The 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival will honour Egyptian filmmaker Youssef Chahine (1926-2008) with a large retrospective of 11 remastered films
Directed by Nada Riyadh, an Egyptian screenwriter and director, the film 'Fakh' (The Trap) will have it's world premiere during the Cannes Festival's Critics Weeks (La Semaine de la Critique)
Sameh Abdelaziz is credited for the entire series, although the first eight episodes were directed by Kamla Abu Zekri
Kamla Abu Zekri took to Facebook to express her dismay at director Sameh Abdelaziz for not crediting her for the first eight episodes of the television series Zay El-Shams, which she directed
Mena Massoud, Will Smith, and Naomi Scott attended the premiere of the live-action remake of the 1992 classic
Hollywood star Jean-Claude Van Damme has praised Egyptian actor Mohamed Ramadan in a video published on Sunday by the ...
The initiative marks the start of a project by DMC to create an inclusive experience for its viewers with special needs
Ahram Online brings to you listings of television series to be aired during the upcoming holy month of Ramadan on a variety of channels available in Egypt and the region
El-Wedidi is featured for her music that draws from history to inspire the future
In one of his rare appearances in Egypt, the famous Iraqi musician Ilham Al Madfai performed in the Sheikh Zayed City (Cairo outskirts) on 1 May 2019
The Cairo Opera House concert will see a repertoire of traditional and patriotic songs performed
The inaugural edition of the Aga Khan Music Awards took place in Lisbon Portugal, between 29 and 31 March, gathering musicians, art managers and official from the North Africa, Middle East and South Asia
Om El Aagayeb, or Mother of Wonders, a sentimental concert by flautist Naïssam Jalal with Egyptian musicians, concluded the 8th edition of D-CAF Festival on 21 April
Abdo talked to Ahram Online about her first performance at D-CAF, her collboration with American band T-Sisters and her future plans
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The new branch of Room Art Space is set to host live music shows on a daily basis
The Cairo-born musician has composed a number of film soundtracks
The promising talent merges Arabic jazz and pop songs with many known tunes
Titled Cosmic Truths and Tales to be Told, Baraka's latest solo presents a new body of work that expands on her practice
This edition is dedicated to Rachid Taha, the Algerian experimental musician who died in late 2018
The Cannes film festival opens Tuesday amid a row over its decision to honour the veteran French star Alain Delon who ...
The Cairo Opera House's programme for Ramadan features a number of Egyptian and Arab performers
Director Hassan El-Geretly and his famous troupe El-Warsha are celebrating Ramadan in Mounira
The event is a collaboration between Cairotronica and the Netherlands' Impakt project
She is widely known for singing many 1990s TV series themes
The timeless Egyptian musical operetta is always popular, especially during Ramadan
The Egyptian piano and violin duo will perform in Alexandria and in Cairo
Ihab Yunis has just released two new tracks in time for Ramadan
The famous singer and actor will be among many Arab and Egyptian singers performing at the Cairo Opera House during Ramadan
Ragheb will discuss his current show 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', which examines masculinity and social constructs
After her success in the mainstream music scene in the 90s, El-Aiouby has been focusing on Islamic Sufi chanting
The film premiered at the Cairo International Film Festival
Taken from the famous novel by Yahya Taher Abdullah, Al-Tooq Wal-Eswera is directed by Nasser Abdel-Monim
The independent songwriter released her second album, Slumber, last year, which introduced a new sound from her previous work
The fashion photographer was inspired by Kenya's aesthetic and captures it in her photo series
The documentary won the Gouna Silver star when it screened at the Egyptian Gouna Film Festival
The Cairo Opera House will host many well known Egyptian and Arab singers amid a special programme for the holy month of Ramadan
U.S. actress Elle Fanning, French graphic novelist Enki Bilal and the Oscar-nominated director of "The Favourite", ...
"Avengers: Endgame," the hugely-anticipated superhero series-ender from Marvel, set a new standard for Hollywood ...

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