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Tuesday, 18 December 2018
World AIDS day falls every year on 11 December, and Egypt marked the event by shedding more light on the most recent endeavors ...
More than 150 million vulnerable people worldwide were exposed to potentially life-threatening heatwaves last year, scientists ...
After a geneticist claimed he had changed the genes of twin girls to create the first gene-edited babies
data is vital for tackling antimicrobial resistance, the extremely worrying trend of bacterial infections becoming immune to antibiotics
Experts at Egypt's Mansoura University convene to discuss the latest advances in ophthalmology
Parents should try to avoid household air pollution by using less polluting fuels for cooking and heating and not smoking
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A one-month-old on a remote island in the Pacific archipelago of Vanuatu became the first child to be immunised in a commercial ...
The project, which works with the health ministry, stressed the need to work on the continuous education, training and qualifications of nurses
After 10 previously known cases of uterus transplants from deceased donors - in the United States, the Czech Republic and Turkey - failed to produce a live birth
The study found that migrants, have a greater life expectancy than residents of host countries and were less likely to die of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease
Encoding of new information, was the aspect of memory most impacted by cannabis abstinence
The Global Polio Eradication Initiative, launched in 1988, originally aimed to end all transmission of the disease by 2000.
Cardiac arrests after inhalant abuse are common enough that they’ve been given a name: “sudden sniffing death.”
Severe brain injuries have long been linked to an elevated risk of lasting neurologic symptoms and suicide

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