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Saturday, 25 May 2019
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First guideline recommendations for preventing cognitive decline by WHO
“My mother just wanted to have a child and she would go through anything to get one... and when I was born she received ...
While deaths became less common during the study period,aggregate childhood disability increased 4.7 percent
Egyptian students fight pollution by calling for the recycling of dead plants
Mai Samih talks to representatives of the Fund for Drug Control and the Treatment of Addiction about its work on combating drug addiction inside and outside Egypt
Poor diet is responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor in the world
Ahram Online talks with renowned Egyptian chef El-Sherbini about his cooking, ethics in the kitchen, and his delicious, mouth-watering recipes
The lure of a pub, the dishes of a restaurant, and a midnight band is what Tia Maria offers customers
Deliciously topped dough is an old favourite for many, and in Cairo you'll not be disappointed
ElTouny Fish Restaurant in the heart of Heliopolis is sure to satisfy those who are fasting for Advent, and those just after simple, good food
Plan an impressive Christmas dinner with tips and recipes from Chef Ghada El-Tally
'Juice Me Up' and the pleasure of indulging in colourful and bright smoothies and shakes
One bride and groom decided to break the rules by having their wedding photo session on the top of Mount Sinai
Ahram Online gets a glimpse of the dazzling works by 13 artists selected to participate in one of the world's most esteemed design platforms in May
The pioneer Egyptian designer talks to Ahram Online about uplifting younger generations, expanding philanthropic work, and the potential of the famed Egyptian cotton
Mai Samih attends the first dancing classes in Egypt designed for people with special needs
Ahead of participation in two major international jewelry/design fairs, upcoming artist Farah AbdelHamid talks about her wish to 'undo the jewelry social construct'
It is that time of the year that celebrates motherhood and everything that comes with it
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WHO says poor vaccination coverage is causing measles outbreaks globally
The new study sheds light on how smoking influences the risk of a second stroke in patients who already had one
The “anti-evolution” project will re-focus on turning cancer into a disease controllable with drugs for many years
For people without heart disease, taking a daily aspirin to prevent heart attacks and strokes may increase the risk of ...
Elevated tau levels found in some concussed former athletes were associated with signs of damage to brain-cell connection bundles
Why are doctors prone to committing suicide in some countries?
Participants with a weak nose were 46 percent more likely to die by year 10 and 30 percent more apt to pass away by year 13 than people with a good sense of smell
Children with all four signs of poor oral health were 95 percent more likely to develop a type of artery damage
Babies of fathers who smoked when mothers were pregnant had a 74 percent higher risk of heart defects
A list of 50 potential myths
Scientists in Israel unveiled a 3D print of a heart with human tissue and vessels on Monday, calling it a first and a ...
Sharing global stories of unparalleled human spirit fighting back from the darkest places
Media companies have heavily invested in kids’ content as they build new digital businesses to court consumers directly
Egypt is engaged in an ambitious campaign to ensure the health of 100 million people by stamping out infection with the hepatitis C virus, writes Rasha Gaddah
For most women 40 to 49 years old, the potential harms of screening mammograms outweigh the possible benefits
children conceived by IVF were 17 percent more likely to develop cancer
A project with patients with cancer and other ailments and with a group scientists and experts to create a cocoa flavor that the patients experience through their own memories.
Those who drank a lot of tea and liked it very hot had double the risk for esophageal squamous cell carcinoma compared to those who drank cooler tea and less tea
Big Tobacco is increasingly using social media to find new ways to hook young people on smoking, circumventing decades ...
The system, dubbed “Superpower Glass,” helps them decipher what’s happening with people around them
Women on average were diagnosed when they were about four years older than the age at which the conditions were recognized in men
Congo's Ebola epidemic has now exceeded 1,000 cases, the country's health ministry said on Monday, with a death ...
Mindfulness-based training programs are designed to help people focus on the present moment and accept any pain or discomfort they may be feeling
It was associated with a 28 percent higher risk of early death from any cause, a 31 percent higher risk of death from heart disease and a 16 percent increased risk of death from cancer

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