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Life & Style - Health
9/29/2019 12:23:31 PM
In disappointing news for chocolate lovers, researchers have found that contrary to an earlier report, eating dark chocolate will not improve your vision.
Life & Style - Food
5/31/2019 3:42:17 PM
1919 in Egypt was as much about the hallmark chocolate brand Corona as political revolution, writes Dina Ezzat, in search of a taste that has lasted 100 years
Life & Style - Food
5/5/2019 4:46:26 PM
Ahram Online delves into the Ritter Chocolate world, its history, marvels and importance to Germans
Life & Style - Food
3/31/2019 10:28:51 AM
A project with patients with cancer and other ailments and with a group scientists and experts to create a cocoa flavor that the patients experience through their own memories.
Life & Style - Food
10/8/2018 5:12:20 PM
Cariene chocolate lovers indulge their taste buds with Italian ice cream at the Gelato Mio Chocolate Festival
Life & Style - Food
3/26/2018 12:33:10 PM
Priced at 7,728 euros ($9,489) and covered in edible gold, the chocolate has a filling of saffron threads, white truffle, vanilla from Madagascar and gold flakes.
Life & Style - Health
6/11/2017 9:37:53 AM
The products with a best-before date ranging between May 6, 2018 and May 13, 2018 were recalled as a precautionary measure
Life & Style - Health
5/24/2017 12:04:22 PM
Past studies have that found eating chocolate - especially dark chocolate - is tied to better measures of heart health
Life & Style - Style
2/13/2017 11:21:34 AM
Some 80 chocolatiers presented their work at the fair, which also has versions in other cities around the world
Arts & Culture - Film
2/8/2017 6:46:24 PM
Egyptian director Marouan Omara’s documentary One Plus One Makes a Pharaoh’s Chocolate Cake, will be screened at the 67th Berlinale Forum Expanded section
Life & Style - Food
1/4/2017 9:56:56 PM
Ahram Online highlights the top 10 chocolate indulgence destinations in Cairo
World - International
12/31/2016 2:28:40 PM
Life & Style - Health
12/4/2016 12:04:15 PM
By hollowing out the crystals, sugar will be reduced by up to 40 percent without affecting the taste
Life & Style - Food
10/27/2016 3:00:00 PM
Chocolate lovers the world over know it: nothing can quite match an indulgent chocolate feast
Life & Style - Food
10/16/2016 2:30:27 PM
Ahram Online meets one of the leading experts on the making of Swiss chocolate during his visit to Egypt to launch the Swiss Chocolate Festival
Life & Style - Food
8/19/2016 7:00:00 PM
Fresco has a large diversity of sweets--mostly chocolate and ice cream-based--to offer
World - Region
2/22/2016 7:29:13 PM
Life & Style - Style
2/9/2016 1:45:44 PM
The 4th annual Wedding Carnival attracted Cairo crowds on 5-6 February 2016 to spend a weekend among white flowers and chocolate fountains. Ahram Online reports on new trends in the weddings of the rich and wealthy
Life & Style - Health
1/15/2016 11:06:10 AM
Cairo's fitness-lovers were up early on Friday to celebrate the third anniversary of the founding of the running group
Business - Economy
1/14/2016 8:08:28 PM
Suppliers of chocolate, diapers, ready-made garments, home appliances and other finished products must register starting Thursday to be allowed to bring their goods into Egypt
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