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Egypt - Politics
3/7/2014 3:52:41 PM
Nadia Haroun, deputy head of the Jewish community in Egypt, passed away after having a heart attack
Sports - Omni Sports
2/17/2014 12:11:16 PM
International Taekwondo Tournament cancels medal presentation ceremony after Turkish fighter dies of heart attack
Sports - World
1/6/2014 8:22:38 PM
Thousands of people lined the streets of Lisbon to catch a glimpse of soccer great Eusebio's funeral procession on Monday, a day after the former Benfica striker known as the 'Black Panther' died of a heart attack aged 71
Egypt -
8/31/2013 7:23:31 PM
Interior Ministry denies rumours Brotherhood's spiritual leader died in Cairo's Tora prison Saturday; source says his health is stable
Egypt - Politics
5/15/2013 5:47:55 PM
Political figures, activists bid farewell to prominent Egyptian leftist and rights lawyer who succumbed to heart attack Tuesday evening
Life & Style - Health
5/9/2013 1:27:07 PM
Fish oil is healthy, but a new study proves it is no guarantee against heart attacks
Egypt - Politics
4/28/2013 1:14:08 PM
Protesters condemn lack of medical facilities at Al-Azhar University in Cairo after student dies of heart attack
World - International
3/7/2013 12:01:44 PM
I don't want to die, please don't let me die, General Jose Ornella quoted President Hugo Chavez in his last moments before death
Arts & Culture - Music
2/26/2013 12:13:16 PM
Abdel-Moneim Kamel, chairman of Cairo Opera House from 2004 until 2012, dies of heart attack in Alexandria on Tuesday
Egypt - Politics
1/16/2013 5:01:37 PM
Abdel-Baki Shaarawi, a Constitution Party secretary, dies of heart attack during heated debate at party headquarters in Cairo
Sports - World
12/3/2012 2:41:23 PM
Arsenal says chairman Peter Hill-Wood has a 'good prognosis' as he recovers from a heart attack
Egypt - Politics
11/1/2012 4:57:21 PM
Former information minister Anas El-Feky, currently serving 7-year jail term for graft, is temporarily transferred to Cairo's Qasr El-Aini Hospital after suffering heart attack
Life & Style - Health
10/23/2012 2:11:14 PM
New guidelines say beans and legumes have an extra benefit in reducing risk of stroke
Life & Style - Health
10/14/2012 1:00:46 PM
New study says eating cherries can reduce risk of heart attack by 35 to 75 per cent but might not help prevent gout
Life & Style - Health
9/16/2012 6:12:32 PM
People who have highly demanding jobs and little freedom to make decisions are 23 percent more likely to have a heart attack compared with their less stressed out colleagues
Arts & Culture - Film
9/4/2012 3:58:43 AM
Duncan passed away in Los Angeles less than eight weeks after suffering a heart attack
Life & Style - Health
7/1/2012 1:45:46 PM
Nicotine replacement therapy appears to be safe for people discharged from the hospital after suffering a heart attack or chest pains, according to a small new study
Life & Style - Health
6/14/2012 4:46:24 PM
The largest study to examine the risks of hormone-based birth control has concluded the contraceptives carry a small risk of stroke and heart attack, depending on the method and type of hormone used.
Sports - Omni Sports
6/12/2012 12:29:14 PM
The 60-year-old boxing legend died due to a heart attack
Presidential elections 2012 - Presidential elections news
5/25/2012 1:10:04 AM
Egypt's health ministry announces that two voters had died on Thursday. Both men – aged 59 and 72 – reportedly passed away after suffering heart attacks.
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