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6/6/2016 4:48:27 PM
Devout Muslims throughout the world began to celebrate Ramadan, the holiest month in the Islamic calendar, refraining from eating, drinking, smoking and sex from sunrise to sunset
Life & Style - Health
3/15/2016 1:08:25 PM
Quitting smoking all at once is more likely to be successful than gradually
World - Region
6/20/2015 11:40:25 PM
Life & Style - Health
6/17/2015 10:51:40 AM
Smokers need to smoke less and quit early, and for those are not smokers – never start smoking
Egypt - Politics
12/29/2014 3:00:00 PM
Terrorist puppet, AIDS cure, Ronaldinho's Zamalek move, US-Egyptian military confrontation, arresting people for talking politics, others for speaking English, 'Atheist Café', exorcism over the phone, among other incidents
Life & Style - Health
11/5/2014 10:38:24 AM
If you think menthol cigarettes are a healthier alternative, you are far from right
Egypt - Politics
10/14/2014 6:00:15 PM
170,000 Egyptians reportedly die annually from smoking-related diseases
Life & Style - Health
9/25/2014 4:02:15 PM
A campaign is launched to raise awareness about a rarely discussed form of cancer which affects the head and neck, and kills 1,900 people in Egypt every year
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2014 2:03:02 PM
Social solidarity minister Ghada Wali said the percentage of Egyptian smokers increased by five percent in four years
Life & Style - Health
6/18/2014 12:01:16 PM
On the occasion of the recent No Tobacco Day, WHO experts in Cairo discuss a 70% tax raise on tobacco products as a viable method to curb Egypt's growing number of smokers
Life & Style - Health
6/1/2014 1:06:06 PM
A controversial regulation is issued banning people from smoking in Russian restaurants
Life & Style - Health
4/27/2014 8:59:49 AM
Life & Style - Health
3/30/2014 8:51:15 AM
A new study points out that the habits associated with smoking marijuana are actually more related to addiction than the strength of the material itself
Life & Style - Health
3/13/2014 10:32:26 AM
Contrary to what had been previously known before, experts prove that quitting smoking mimics the effect of taking antidepressants and may act as a mood booster
Life & Style - Health
3/5/2014 12:27:26 PM
More scientific evidence proves the accumulative damage smokers do to those around them, especially kids
Life & Style - Health
2/23/2014 9:57:44 AM
According to the World Health Organization, one sheesha session typically lasts 20 to 80 minutes and the user may inhale the equvialent of 100 or more cigarettes
Life & Style - Health
2/12/2014 11:53:11 AM
In Britain, soon it will not be allowed to smoke a cigarette even in a private car, provided that a child is inside
Life & Style - Health
1/30/2014 12:01:48 PM
China wages a battle against smoking after being ranked as the nation number one in tobacco consumption, and schools were the first step.
World - International
1/20/2014 11:05:15 AM
Life & Style - Health
1/5/2014 9:53:47 AM
The harm of e-cigarettes to bystanders has been debated but recent study says they are still a better alternative than conventional cigarretts
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