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Life & Style - Health
11/25/2019 12:09:53 PM
One of the best ways to cut down on antibiotic-resistant E. coli infections would be making sure that everyone washes their hands after using the toilet, a UK study suggest
Life & Style - Health
7/14/2019 3:47:06 PM
World Health Organization said last month that around a million people each day worldwide catch a sexually transmitted infection
Life & Style - Health
5/9/2018 12:54:43 PM
HPV is one of the common sexually transmitted diseases
Life & Style - Health
3/9/2017 10:50:46 AM
Researchers, however, did not go so far as to say the risk of transmission is zero.
World - International
9/3/2016 5:07:28 PM
World - International
8/28/2016 4:55:31 PM
World - International
2/27/2016 4:26:43 PM
World - International
2/2/2016 10:26:16 PM
Life & Style - Health
7/22/2014 12:11:12 PM
A new study suggests that MERS may be transmitted by air and identifies camels as primary carriers
World - International
5/19/2014 7:07:09 PM
Life & Style - Health
5/7/2014 9:32:15 AM
WHO issued for the first time in its history an international alert on polio, which is transmitted through water, after it appeared again in countries torn by poverty and conflicts
Life & Style - Health
8/7/2013 12:47:14 PM
A new flu virus seems to spread not only from poultry to humans but also among humans themselves, causing great alarm among health officials
Egypt - Politics
4/21/2013 10:34:32 PM
Suspects arrested in Rafah are accused of transmitting information to Israel on Egyptian military/police dispositions in North Sinai, say security sources
Business - Economy
4/8/2013 10:02:40 PM
Chairman and 3 senior executives of leading mobile-phone services provider are jailed for re-routing international calls via Sinai transmitter near Egypt's border with Israel
Life & Style - Health
4/2/2013 11:57:43 AM
World Health Organisation says no evidence has emerged to prove that a type of bird flu which has killed two Chinese men can be transmitted between people
Sports - World
11/26/2012 10:44:12 AM
FIFA has named the mascot for the 2014 Brazil World Cup "Fuleco," a word which organisers say transmits a message of environmental awareness
World - Region
10/29/2012 11:07:35 AM
Tehran possesses live data about Israeli bases transmitted by the Hezbollah unmanned drone, Iranian parliamentarian reveals
Life & Style - Health
9/24/2012 6:54:54 PM
World Health Organisation says it is too soon to know whether there could new SARS-like disease after officials in Britain detect related virus in severely ill patient from Middle East
Business - Economy
6/20/2012 1:20:05 PM
Spain is expected officially to transmit a detailed request for a banking rescue on Thursday to its eurozone partners, an EU diplomat claims
Elections 2011 - News
12/5/2011 3:11:15 PM
Satellite TV channels owned by business magnates are transmitting false election-related news, charges Islamist group
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