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Opinion -
1/22/2021 5:17:00 PM
Opinion -
1/16/2021 9:56:00 AM
This is our opportunity for a fresh start and a Happy New Year
Opinion -
1/8/2021 3:47:00 PM
Al-Ahram Weekly - Limelight
12/15/2020 10:30:02 PM
Opinion -
12/13/2020 11:16:00 AM
Corruption constantly elbows justice and it has always been so. Both are controlled by humans
Opinion -
11/27/2020 3:50:49 PM
One of the greatest and most lasting debates of humanity has been the role of destiny in our lives
Opinion - Test Page
11/21/2020 8:37:00 PM
There is much at stake if the idea of 'American exceptionalism' is dissolving
Opinion -
11/10/2020 6:48:05 PM
We can also argue that fashion has taken a backseat to the world’s tragic events, but it was not the case. Fashion does not stop for anything or anyone, anytime
Books -
11/9/2020 5:38:04 PM
The novel’s title is interpreted by this quote: 'So, these were the slaves’ prayers throughout time . . . parting, meeting, peregrinations, travel, soliloquy, crying, yearning, and tears'
Opinion -
11/6/2020 11:22:28 AM
We cannot stop living, but we can overlook a few wrinkles, a little absent-mindedness and keep on living to the fullest, for each day is the first day of the rest of your life
Opinion -
10/27/2020 10:36:39 PM
In politics, corruption is the norm, the daily sport of politicians
Arts & Culture - Music
10/27/2020 5:27:37 PM
She is considered one of the best Marimba players in the Arab world, performing in many international festivals and events
Opinion -
10/23/2020 1:08:50 PM
A second wave came raging, despite every precaution, ravaging Europe, Melbourne, Hong Kong, the UK and other areas, imposing harsher restrictions, lockdowns, masking, spacing and all the rest
Arts & Culture - Entertainment
10/6/2020 10:58:48 PM
The Blue Elephant 2 was released 2019 following the highly successful The Blue Elephant that hit the cinemas in 2014
Opinion -
10/6/2020 3:16:12 PM
Opinion -
10/3/2020 10:55:32 AM
The medical world is torn between the desire to eliminate disease, and the need for further knowledge
Opinion -
9/23/2020 3:33:06 PM
The state of understanding Time is less than what a reader might want to know
Opinion -
9/15/2020 9:48:39 PM
Simply put, man knows right from wrong and has a moral conscience
Al-Ahram Weekly - Limelight
9/8/2020 6:32:31 PM
Opinion -
9/7/2020 6:30:38 AM
The whole world now speaks English or needs to. It has become the Lingua Franca, the international language of the world, since about the 19th century
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