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" Accountability Friday"
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Egypt - Politics
10/24/2012 11:53:53 AM
Vice President Mahmoud Mekki discusses fallout from 'Accountability Friday' clashes, Constituent Assembly and other issues with young political activists
Egypt - Politics
10/21/2012 10:24:44 PM
Chairman of the FJP Saad El-Katatni calls for unity between Brotherhood and other political forces to stem discord following clashes on 'Accountability Friday'; critics say calls are empty and vague
Opinion -
10/18/2012 9:01:41 AM
Egyptian revolutionaries and democrats should resist the Muslim Brotherhood's authoritarian, occasionally fascistic bent, but they must take care not to treat the Islamist group as a whole as the enemy
Egypt - Politics
10/14/2012 8:18:14 PM
Handful of protesters injured in recent Tahrir Square clashes allege that members of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood were ultimately responsible for Friday's violence
Egypt - Politics
10/14/2012 5:14:21 PM
Constitution Party and Popular Egyptian Current call for mass protests in response to 'Accountability Friday' violence
Egypt - Politics
10/13/2012 6:37:17 PM
The Islamist group says it had nothing to do with Friday’s violence in Tahrir square after being heavily criticised by leftist and liberal forces
Egypt - Politics
10/13/2012 9:00:47 AM
Violence erupted as pro and anti Muslim Brotherhood forces rallied in Tahrir Square; pro-democracy forces accuse the Islamist group of thuggery, a charge the groups denies
Egypt - Politics
10/12/2012 12:08:26 PM
Stone-throwing and sporadic fighting continues in Tahrir Square between secularist and Islamist protesters
Egypt - Politics
10/11/2012 8:10:55 PM
Propelled by anger at acquittals in Battle of Camel case, demonstrators head to revolution square to protest Morsi 'unfulfilled' promises on Friday

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