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2/24/2014 11:22:03 AM
World - Region
2/15/2014 6:46:15 PM
World - Region
1/21/2014 7:45:31 PM
World - Region
12/29/2013 10:27:49 AM
World - Region
10/31/2013 12:03:51 PM
The show displayed photos of the 2011 uprising when demonstrators camped out at the Pearl traffic circle for weeks before authorities smashed their camp and tore down the Pearl monument itself
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10/6/2013 11:37:07 AM
While Bahrain's government claims that citizens enjoy rights to fair trails, the recent sentencing of over 50 Bahrainis in a politically connected case suggests otherwise
World - Region
10/5/2013 6:08:52 PM
Prominent Bahraini Shiite opposition ex-MP Khalil Marzooq faces charges of 'inciting terrorist crimes': Prosecutor-general
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9/19/2013 10:14:05 AM
Amnesty international urges Bahrain to immediately release opposition former MP Khalil Marzooq, accused by the Gulf kingdom of links to Shiite 'extremists'
World - Region
9/17/2013 3:53:09 PM
Bahraini opposition leader Khalil Marzooq was referred to the public prosecutor after state authorities accused him of encouraging youth to engage in violence and trying to topple the regime
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9/5/2013 12:54:59 PM
Bahrain's main opposition bloc, Al-Wefaq, boycotts the national dialogue in protest after the authorities issued a decree that limits meetings of political leaders with diplomats and international delegates
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8/14/2013 12:33:19 PM
Al-Wefaq, the main opposition formation, said that Bahrain's police had blocked roads leading to Shiite-populated villages with barbed wire and concrete blocks
World - Region
8/1/2013 1:30:59 PM
As Bahrain's parliament moves to confront 'violence and terrorism' with new penalties, the country's largest opposition group says only a national political settlement will work
World - Region
7/21/2013 1:45:13 PM
Shia opposition group Al-Wefaq condemns use of violence to solve Bahrain political crisis following March 2011 crackdown
World - Region
5/10/2013 5:40:03 PM
Witnesses say thousands protest in Bahrain's capital Manama, accusing the regime of torturing its opponents
World - Region
2/22/2013 4:10:14 PM
Bahrain's main Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq says 20-year-old protester died less than week after being shot by police during clashes on second anniversary of 2011 uprising; authorities remain tight-lipped
World - Region
2/16/2013 1:03:43 PM
Bahrain announces it found a bomb on the 25km-long King Fahd causeway that links the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Eastern region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
World - Region
2/14/2013 3:42:28 PM
The Shiite villages in Bahrain proved to be the main source of political unrest in Bahrain, a situation that was widely seen during the 2011 uprising against the Sunni monarchy
World - Region
2/10/2013 12:04:46 PM
Bahrain's National dialogue resumes Sunday in an atmosphere of deep mutual mistrust between the Sunni government and the Shiite opposition ahead of the second anniversary of an uprising that shook the Gulf kingdom
World - Region
11/9/2012 3:58:34 PM
World - Region
10/15/2012 8:23:14 PM
Manama summons the Iranian charge d'affaires Mahdi Islami to express its rejection of Tehran 'interference in the kingdom's internal affairs' during last year's crackdown on Shiite protesters
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