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World - International
11/25/2013 6:06:29 PM
World - Region
11/25/2013 11:43:30 AM
The Libyan army declares a 'state of alert' in Benghazi and orders all troops to report for duty after clashes against jihadists in the eastern city killed at least five soldiers soldiers from nine casualties
World - Africa
11/17/2013 9:14:18 PM
World - International
11/9/2013 12:06:09 PM
The US indictment says son of Suriname's president was willing to allow Hezbollah fighters to have a permanent base in the South American country
World - International
11/1/2013 7:54:47 PM
The cutbacks increase the challenges for Americans struggling to buy food amid a sharply widening income gap between the rich and the poor
World - International
10/26/2013 10:32:12 AM
'What Snowden did, has put Americans at greater risk, because terrorists learn from leaks and they will be more careful,' the CIA's former number-two ranking official said
Business - Economy
10/14/2013 3:28:43 PM
Scientists Eugene Fama, Lars Peter Hansen and Robert Shiller awarded prize for devising method to foresee broad course of stock and bond prices over 3 to 5 years
World - International
10/7/2013 10:00:53 PM
The Nobel Prize winners for medicine announced on Monday, awards in physics, chemistry, literature, peace and economics will be announced this week and next
World - Region
10/5/2013 12:41:30 PM
'We are pessimistic towards the Americans and do not put any trust in them,' Iran's supreme leader has said, criticising as 'not appropriate' some aspects of President Rouhani's UN visit
World - International
10/1/2013 9:44:32 AM
Shutdown of federal government across the US goes into effect, with some 800,000 non-essential workers asked not to go to work until Congress decided on ways to continue funding services
World - International
9/24/2013 11:27:39 AM
Russian deputy FM believes 'Americans are not going in direction they should'
Sports - World
9/10/2013 10:40:11 AM
Americans look to Columbus Tuesday hoping to "punch" their ticket to 2014 Brazil World Cup
World - Region
9/9/2013 3:32:42 PM
CNN sample poll shows almost 60 percent of Americans oppose US military action in Syria
World - Region
9/7/2013 2:40:04 PM
'This would not be another Iraq or Afghanistan,' Obama tells Americans who are concerned about a protracted war with yet another Middle Eastern country
World - Region
9/7/2013 12:57:12 PM
Despite pressing the issue vehemently, Obama is facing low public opinion as 51 percent of Americans oppose strikes in Syria compared to 36 percent in favor
World - International
8/9/2013 11:03:18 AM
Pacific states, including California, are the most diverse when it comes to love and friendship, contrasted by the Southern states which are more recluse
Egypt - Politics
8/8/2013 12:22:46 AM
Officials warn Americans to stay away from protests, including pro-Morsi sit-ins in Rabaa Al-Adawiya and Al-Nahda
World - Region
8/6/2013 1:45:02 PM
Britain announces that it has successfully cleared its embassy in Yemen of its staff following US alert that ordered Americans to leave the country Tuesday morning
World - International
7/28/2013 7:24:54 PM
Obama said the financial meltdown of several years ago is still having a negative economic impact on middle and working class Americans, who already have been losing ground for at least a generation
World - International
7/20/2013 9:51:19 PM
US government's authority to collect telephone data of millions of Americans extended by three months
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