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World - International
12/15/2011 2:48:07 PM
The Italian parliament will hold a confidence vote concerning PM Mario Monti’s austerity measures based on the government’s request amid fears of ‘social explosion’ and unions’ calls for more protests
Business - Economy
12/12/2011 12:41:26 PM
Three-hour stoppage comes after last-ditch talks between the prime minister and leaders of the three main unions fail to reach an agreement on austerity measures
World - International
11/17/2011 5:04:23 PM
Thousands of Greeks take to the street on the anniversary of a 1973 students uprising, march towards government offices and embassies of creditor countries to demonstrate against austerity measures
Business - Economy
11/11/2011 4:48:32 PM
The package of austerity measures demanded by the European Union will now go to the lower house which is expected to approve it on Saturday, triggering the resignation of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi
Business - Economy
10/19/2011 4:49:23 PM
Protesters clash violently with police in front of the Greek parliament to protest austerity measures proposed by the government, what they believe will be devastating for the poor
Business - Economy
10/14/2011 7:21:39 PM
Amidst social turmoil and calls for a 48-hour general strike, the Greek government is going through with the proposed austerity measures
World - International
10/4/2011 6:21:48 PM
Government pleads for support in the face of protests, warning that without its austerity measures, Greece may default on its national debt
World - International
9/28/2011 3:24:34 PM
Athens comes to a near standstill as bus, metro, taxi and tram drivers strike against the latest wave of austerity measures and rising costs
World - International
9/23/2011 3:30:20 PM
Greece denies seeking new measures to reduce debt in the face of strikes against hugely unpopular austerity measures
World - International
9/20/2011 2:49:26 PM
Anger over government austerity measures spreads to Spain's education system, as public secondary school teachers in Madrid go on strike to protest staff cuts
World - International
9/17/2011 2:02:38 PM
Trade unions from across the 27 EU member-states demonstrate in the streets of the southwestern Polish city of Wroclaw, expressing their rejection for the recently imposed austerity measures
World - International
9/6/2011 3:05:21 PM
Italian workers respond to calls of union to strike, putting pressure on parliamentarians discussing austerity measures the brunt of which would arguably be laid on the poor
Business - Economy
9/6/2011 2:06:00 PM
A general strike in Italy and protests in Spain against proposed government austerity measures
Business - Economy
8/11/2011 3:05:06 PM
Letter calls for reform of the pensions system, an acceleration of austerity measures, cut in public sector salaries and a reform of labour legislation
World - International
8/7/2011 10:47:33 AM
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi say his government will be hard at work following his announced austerity measures
World - International
8/3/2011 3:43:01 PM
Greece to curb media-freedoms ahead of unpopular austerity plan, move is said to protect politicians from protester attacks
World - International
7/22/2011 3:01:50 PM
Energy crisis in Cyprus compels government to agree on austerity package
Business - Economy
7/12/2011 11:47:03 AM
North's president announces austerity measures to make up for the loss of oil revenues after southern secession, including the issuing of a new currency
World - International
6/29/2011 5:09:39 PM
EU hails Greek parliaments passing of austerity measures as a step forward for growth and a step back from default
World - International
6/29/2011 10:59:22 AM
Clashes erupted Wednesday between protestors and police firing tear gas in several parts of Athens ahead of a vote in parliament on austerity measures aimed at preventing a Greek debt default
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