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Business - Economy
7/15/2012 4:16:46 PM
Figures for the first 11 months of last financial year show deficit reached LE136.5 billion, significantly less than Prime Minister's target
Business - Economy
6/20/2012 6:35:53 PM
Reforms in the financial sector and the way remittances are dealt with are crucial to creating sustained growth across the Middle East, says a new study
Business - Economy
6/8/2012 11:55:51 AM
Sudan plans to increase taxes in an attempt to control its widening budget deficit caused by the loss of oil revenues
Business - Economy
6/6/2012 11:16:45 AM
European countries with huge budget deficits like Greece, Italy and Portugal are found to have serious 'deficits in their integrity system', reads a Transparency International report
Business - Economy
5/19/2012 5:24:15 PM
Finance minister unveils spending plans for 2012/13, balancing hikes in state salaries and infrastructure investment with cuts in petrol subsidies and non-essential government services
Business - Economy
5/15/2012 12:09:40 PM
Fayza Abul-Naga predicts healthy growth for coming fiscal year amid increased state spending, but economists are markedly less optimistic
Business - Economy
5/14/2012 2:17:46 PM
Deficit has increased 20 per cent on last year's estimates as expenditure grows by LE50 billion; keeps steady in real terms
Business - Economy
5/8/2012 7:09:51 PM
The proposed budget for 2012/13 - already over a month late - will be presented for parliamentary approval within days; some experts are predicting wide-ranging reforms
Business - Economy
4/12/2012 11:46:41 AM
Corporations and alcohol see higher taxes as government targets rising social inequalities
Business - Economy
3/20/2012 5:57:28 PM
Egyptians abroad will be able to reserve land plots on Saturday, says housing minister in one of the government's ploys to raise $15 billion over the next four years
Business - Economy
3/20/2012 1:21:06 PM
Reforms proposed by the interim government to secure IMF funding can slash the budget deficit without damaging the economy, a leading Egyptian economist tells Ahram Online
Business - Economy
3/18/2012 2:26:28 PM
Government will allocate LE1.3 billion from extra budget funds to general expense items and LE900 million to petrol purchases, says a statement
Business - Economy
3/15/2012 12:03:29 PM
Juba's chief negotiator says it will help mobilise international funding to assist its northern neighbour in plugging its budget deficit
Business - Economy
3/13/2012 10:29:16 PM
Expected state budget deficit is revised downwards to LE144 billion following predictions by interior ministry official that it could have reached as high as LE150 billion
Business - Economy
3/11/2012 2:48:51 PM
The recent bond swap for Greece may have eased worries, but the country is not out of the woods yet
Business - Economy
2/29/2012 6:54:09 PM
In return for the $3.2 billion IMF accord, Egypt is expected to cut its budget deficit: a condition some officials say affects the country's sovereignty
Business - Economy
2/2/2012 7:43:46 PM
NTC will post $10bn budget deficit this year as country waits for $100bn in overseas assets frozen during civil war
Business - Economy
1/26/2012 6:14:23 PM
Planning minister says the government will request new loans and issue depository receipts so Egyptians living abroad can support the economy
Business - Economy
1/19/2012 3:49:43 PM
Prime minister outlines economic programme for the next four years in front of newly-elected parliament
Business - Economy
1/8/2012 2:51:28 PM
Finance minister says Egypt will restart negotiations on a $3.2 billion loan from the IMF
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