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Egypt - Politics
6/15/2014 11:27:35 AM
El-Sayed El-Badawi has confirmed his party is engaged in talks on founding a political alliance to support newly-elected President El-Sisi, as advocated by Amr Moussa, ahead of parliamentary poll
Egypt - Politics
6/12/2014 5:03:10 PM
Amr Moussa met with party representatives, public figures on Wednesday to discuss forming an alliance ahead of parliametary elections
Opinion -
6/11/2014 10:37:00 AM
The twin and yet opposed notions that El-Sisi suffered electorally by refusing to acede to NDP demands, or that the people boycotted the elections because they await the return of Morsi, are empty urban myths
Egypt - Features
5/23/2014 8:57:26 PM
Former National Democratic Party members in Assiut say a ban on their political activities will not stop them returning to political life
Egypt - Politics
5/19/2014 12:51:47 PM
Former leading member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party Ayman Aboul-Ela, who left his party for the Free Egyptians, supports Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi for the presidency, dismisses fears of military rule
Egypt - Politics
5/19/2014 12:20:58 PM
Ehab El-Kharrat, a leading Coptic figure of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party, is supporting Hamdeen Sabahi for president, and explaining why
Egypt - Politics
5/18/2014 9:26:08 PM
Divisions between members of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) began during the 30 June protests, says resigned member
Egypt - Politics
5/6/2014 11:37:48 AM
Members of Hosni Mubarak's National Democratic Party (NDP) are banned by a court ruling from running in elections
Egypt - Politics
4/26/2014 5:52:20 PM
The Egyptian Social Democratic Party avoids internal divisions by voting to abstain from backing both former army chief Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi and Nasserist figure Hamdeen Sabahi
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
4/14/2014 9:13:00 PM
Two extension buildings of the former National Democratic Party's (NDP) headquarters in Tahrir Square, next to the Egyptian Museum, will be razed
Egypt - Politics
4/9/2014 5:31:59 PM
Emad Gad, former MP and political analyst, didn't give a reason for his resignation from the EDSP, of which he was a leading member
World - Region
2/23/2014 6:13:19 PM
World - Region
2/20/2014 9:21:35 AM
World - International
1/26/2014 12:59:34 PM
Egypt - Politics
1/21/2014 3:01:39 PM
Party of interim Prime Minister Hazem El-Beblawi is planning an election alliance with the liberal Wafd Party
Egypt - Politics
1/15/2014 8:00:00 AM
Prominent activist Hossam Hassan was arrested in November over a protest condemning police violence against non-Islamist protesters near Shura Council
Egypt - Politics
12/26/2013 4:05:20 PM
Groups that are supportive of the interim authorities welcomed the decision to declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist group; some Islamists and rights lawyers critical
Egypt - Politics
12/22/2013 11:48:05 AM
Lead Social Democratic Party will vote yes to the constitution, despite reservations on some articles and the late intervention of the military on select wording
World - International
12/19/2013 2:38:05 PM
Egypt - Politics
12/1/2013 9:50:50 PM
Party calling for student protests accused the Muslim Brotherhood of hijacking the demonstrations
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