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" Determination Friday"
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Egypt - Politics
6/9/2012 12:11:29 AM
Islamists mostly absent from demonstrations at Tahrir Square, with low numbers overall
Egypt - Politics
6/8/2012 4:13:48 PM
March led by football Ultras and April 6 Youth Movement arrives in Tahrir Square to join anti-Ahmed Shafiq protest on 'Determination Friday'
Egypt - Politics
6/8/2012 11:56:59 AM
Brotherhood and Salafist Nour Party members expected to attend protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square and others throughout Egypt calling for Mubarak retrial and enforcement of Disenfranchisement Law
Egypt -
4/21/2012 12:34:30 AM
In a show of force, liberal and Islamist forces converge in Tahrir Square to voice demands; Islamists echo anger at electoral commission and ex-regime members, while liberals focus on the constitution
Egypt - Politics
4/20/2012 6:43:59 PM
Hundreds of thousands of liberal and Islamist protesters poured into the Egypt's iconic square on Friday, demanding the end of the military regime and a ban on Mubarak-era presidential candidates
Multimedia -
4/20/2012 3:02:33 PM
Egypt - Politics
4/20/2012 1:48:08 PM
During Friday sermon in Tahrir Square, Sheikh Mazhar Shaheen lists four basic demands of Friday's demonstration
Egypt - Politics
4/20/2012 11:26:30 AM
As thousands gather on Tahrir Square for 'Self Determination Friday', protesters attack three health ministry employees when they asked the group to donate their blood, saying they were 'running tests' on people
Egypt - Politics
4/20/2012 11:18:04 AM
As Egypt's Islamist, liberal and leftist forces gather in Tahrir Square to demonstrate against former regime remnants and continued military rule, Ahram Online brings you a blow-by-blow account of Friday's million-man protest
Egypt -
4/19/2012 10:56:55 AM
The Second Revolution of Rage group calls for a march Thursday, a day before mass protests schedule for Friday
Egypt - Politics
4/10/2012 6:45:12 PM
The revolutionary youth movement has called for demonstrations against the Constituent Assembly and against former regime figures standing in Egypt's upcoming presidential elections
Egypt - Politics
1/31/2012 4:20:00 PM
Revolutionaries, women and political groups are organising mass marches around the country on Tuesday to press for an end to military rule
Egypt - Politics
7/13/2011 12:59:53 PM
'The Mogamma is open by the orders of the revolution,'read a banner which greeted the government building's employees and visitors after a three day shut down by Tahrir protesters
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2011 11:21:55 PM
Holding the killers of over 1000 peaceful protesters to account and bringing the nation's brutal police force to heel galvanised hundreds of thousands of Egyptians
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2011 5:41:21 PM
University professors support demands of Determination Friday and express their own demands
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2011 5:38:56 PM
Hundreds of thousands descended on Tahrir Square and elsewhere around the country in the biggest show of people power in months
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2011 5:33:27 PM
Thousands of demonstrators from across the political spectrum protest in Asyut and will be staging a sit-in
Egypt - Politics
7/8/2011 4:09:39 PM
Hundreds rally in Freedom square and march in the streets of the Delta governorate
Egypt - Politics
7/7/2011 11:33:05 PM
The mass protest planned for Friday, 8 July, has been preceded by several clashes across the country between the police and demonstrators

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