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Opinion -
3/15/2017 8:07:52 PM
Opinion -
10/21/2016 9:02:15 PM
Egyptian economist and the chairman of Al-Ahram organization Ahmed El-sayed Al-Naggar examines possibilities of closer economic ties between an Egypt looking for international investment and a China which continues to expand
Opinion -
9/20/2016 4:57:03 PM
Some point to foreign media criticisms as evidence of a conspiracy against Egypt. But without real reform undertaken, we have only ourselves to blame
Business - Economy
8/12/2016 5:31:28 PM
Egypt - Politics
8/8/2016 7:39:16 PM
Business - Economy
8/4/2016 6:21:50 PM
Business - Economy
7/3/2016 8:25:31 PM
Business - Economy
6/13/2016 7:36:41 PM
Multimedia -
6/5/2016 6:30:27 PM
Piketty spoke on Thursday at the launch of the first Arabic edition of his 2014 international best-seller Capital in the Twenty First Century, which was translated by Egyptian economic journalists Wael Gamal and Salma Hussein
Books -
6/4/2016 1:24:39 PM
Internationally acclaimed French economist Thomas Piketty advocates for a progressive wealth tax, including in the Middle East where inequality is predominant
Books -
5/29/2016 2:14:54 PM
Piketty will deliver two lectures in Cairo 2 June under the theme title, "Capital in the Twenty-First Century: A Middle East perspective"
World - International
5/8/2016 1:55:20 PM
World - International
3/17/2016 8:47:54 AM
Business - Economy
3/14/2016 11:22:54 PM
Business - Economy
2/25/2016 2:02:00 PM
The world-renowned economist Mohamed El-Erian addressed Egyptian policy debates Wednesday, giving insight into how to successfully navigate turbulent global markets
Business - Economy
2/10/2016 10:02:15 PM
The Egyptian pound could be allowed to fall to as low as 8.4 against the dollar within ‘weeks’ in the first of several devaluations as Egypt steps up battle against FX shortage
Business - Economy
12/23/2015 6:52:39 PM
Three out of five economists surveyed by Ahram Online expect the Central Bank of Egypt to raise benchmark rates to combat inflation at its next monetary policy meeting Thursday
Business - Economy
10/28/2015 7:20:36 PM
Five economists talked to by Ahram Online differ on the CBE's next step regarding its key policy interest rate
Business - Economy
9/17/2015 3:07:44 PM
Business - Economy
9/10/2015 12:17:55 PM
The fall in official transfers doesn't reflect a decline in financial support from Gulf States, but a change in how that support is provided, according to a prominent economist
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