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" Ethnic violence"
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World - Africa
12/10/2019 9:42:37 PM
Federal police were deployed to 45 public universities as the security situation could not be managed by campus security
World - International
5/20/2019 8:30:57 PM
World - Region
10/3/2018 7:45:56 PM
World - Region
10/2/2018 3:14:30 PM
World - Africa
9/17/2018 4:02:00 PM
World - International
2/5/2018 8:14:49 PM
Sports - Omni Sports
8/6/2015 5:36:16 PM
Top Kenyan athletes on Thursday completed a giant 840-kilometre (522-mile) "Walk for Peace" against ethnic violence, accompanied by cheering crowds
World - Region
7/10/2015 2:34:46 PM
World - Region
12/17/2013 1:21:32 PM
Gunfire in Juba after apparent coup attempt against President Salva Kiir
World - International
7/18/2013 12:43:40 AM
Brutal ethnic clashes in Guinea lead to death of 54 people whose bodies remained undistinguished for some time after fighting
World - International
4/2/2013 1:42:15 PM
In weekend attacks following disputes between Muslim and Christian ethnic groups in Nigeria, 19 people left dead and more than 4,000 displaced
World - International
11/15/2012 3:36:56 PM
Kaduna, a northern Nigerian state with a history of inter-ethnic violence, witnessed the death of six people on the hands of gunmen
World - International
8/1/2012 2:56:14 PM
Chinese government restricts bans Muslims from fasting during Ramadan in the turbulent northwestern region of Xinjiang, as the area has been rocketed by repeated outbreaks of ethnic violence
World - International
7/30/2012 3:58:10 PM
Red Cross says that Clashes between two ethnic communities over land in Ethiopia, leaving 18 people dead
World - International
7/21/2012 8:44:29 PM
The UN peacekeepers failed to stop Friday's attack on a camp in Ivory Coast in which at least 11 people died following acts of ethnic violence
World - International
3/6/2012 12:23:04 PM
In a fresh wave of ethnic violence hitting Nigeria, 16 people are reportedly killed and many homes burned
World - Region
1/6/2012 12:41:52 PM
The White House says Joe Biden advocated Turkish PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss regional security, including Iraq’s ethnic violence, following the US Vice President’s visit to Turkey in December
World - Region
1/6/2012 11:20:49 AM
Almost 3,000 people were killed in South Sudan after bloody ethnic violence that forced thousands to flee, numbers have yet to be confirmed by United Nations and South Sudanese army officials
World - International
7/25/2011 11:36:35 AM
Fresh political and ethnic violence gripped Pakistan's commercial capital over the past three days, leaving up to 44 people dead and taking the death toll for July to 339

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