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Egypt - Politics
4/19/2016 9:25:57 PM
Prime Minister Sherif Ismail will address parliament on Wednesday and answer questions by MPs on his government's policy statement
Egypt - Politics
4/18/2016 5:46:02 PM
Egypt's parliamentary speaker has said local media outlets that ‎'insult' MPs could face legal challenges
Egypt - Politics
4/17/2016 10:05:02 PM
The agreement to give two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia will 'soon' be reviewed by parliament; MP Nadia Henry asks for national referendum, while others say step is not necessary
Egypt - Politics
4/15/2016 10:44:37 PM
French President Francois Hollande is visiting Egypt on Sunday and Monday
Egypt - Politics
4/14/2016 4:22:01 PM
Despite most political forces rejecting its programme, the Ismail government will be granted a vote of confidence, if only because no coalition could form an alternative government
Egypt - Politics
4/13/2016 9:30:21 PM
MPs said that Egypt's handing over of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia does not need to be put to a public referendum, only parliamentary review
Egypt - Politics
4/12/2016 7:47:05 PM
The parliamentary representatives of 19 political ‎parties will discuss a range of political, security and ‎economic issues with president Sisi on ‎Wednesday
Egypt - Politics
4/12/2016 1:24:36 PM
A number of MPs have requested the government provide parliament with all documents related to a new maritime border deal handing over two Red Sea islands to the Gulf nation
Egypt - Politics
4/10/2016 4:13:05 PM
In a landmark speech to the Egyptian parliament, the first-ever by a Saudi king, Salman stressed economic, political and military cooperation between the two countries
Egypt - Politics
4/9/2016 6:37:23 PM
King Salman bin Abdelaziz's speech to parliament will not be aired live
Egypt - Politics
4/7/2016 7:59:02 PM
A Cairo meeting between the speaker of the US House of Representatives and Egyptian President Sisi was attended by a large number of Egyptian MPs, Gamal Essam El-Din reports
Egypt - Politics
4/7/2016 5:13:27 PM
A Cairo meeting between the speaker of the US House of Representatives and his Egyptian counterpart was attended by a large number of Egyptian MPs
Egypt -
4/4/2016 8:13:27 PM
The speaker of Egypt's parliament said new legislation will be passed to 'contain the dangers of Facebook' regarding national security
Egypt - Politics
4/4/2016 6:27:32 PM
Several deputies in Egypt's parliament attacked ‎foreign-funded NGOs in plenary sessions on Sunday and ‎Monday‎
Egypt - Politics
4/2/2016 7:29:26 PM
Battlelines in Egypt's new parliament are being drawn, with two coalitions of MPs likely to emerge, based on the distribution of key posts, rather than ideology or political platforms
Egypt - Politics
3/30/2016 7:26:26 PM
The Egyptian parliament's new bylaws are ‎expected to be enacted into law next Sunday
Egypt - Politics
3/28/2016 4:39:59 PM
More than 3,000 employees working with Egypt's ‎parliament could be tested for drug use
Egypt - Politics
3/27/2016 8:58:03 PM
Egypt - Politics
3/27/2016 3:03:59 PM
Presenting the cabinet's programme to parliament, Sherif Ismail presented a strategy to turn around a gloomy economic and social situation
Egypt - Politics
3/26/2016 11:58:36 PM
The programme statement will include seven main points on national security, democracy, the economy, social justice, development, transparency, and Egypt's role in the Arab world
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