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World - Region
3/24/2013 1:16:21 PM
A day after they seized a key air base in Daraa, Syrian rebels take control of a military checkpoint near the Jordanian borders after fierce clashes with the government troops
World - Region
3/24/2013 10:43:18 AM
Israel launches military strikes on Syrian military near occupied Golan Heights
World - Region
3/17/2013 6:11:04 PM
World - Region
3/14/2013 1:24:35 PM
In light of escalating Syrian conflict and resent abductions, UN cuts down on peacekeepers in the Golan Heights responsible for monitoring truce between Syria and Israel since late 1970s
World - Region
3/9/2013 3:03:27 PM
World - Region
3/8/2013 10:42:00 AM
Rebels insist that Syrian troops leave the Golan Heights before releasing the 21 Filipino UN peacekeepers
World - Region
3/7/2013 10:10:27 AM
UN chief calls rebels to respect the 'freedom of movement and security' of peacekeepers abducted in the Golan Heights ceasefire zone between Syria and Israel
World - Region
3/6/2013 10:51:50 PM
Following capture of twenty United Nations peacekeepers, Human Rights Watch reveals it is investigating the same 'Martrys of Yarmouk', responsible for execution of Syrian soldiers earlier in the week
World - Region
3/6/2013 8:13:18 PM
UN peacekeepers posted at Golan Heights are held by fighters near Syrian border; UN officials dispatched to assess situation
World - Region
3/3/2013 3:40:43 PM
Israel will hold Syrian President Bsshar for everything that happens along their border, says Israeli deputy PM on topic of Scud missiles
World - Region
2/28/2013 5:47:59 PM
One week after Tel Aviv gave the green light for oil drilling in the Golan Heights, Syria accuses Israel of exploiting the crisis in the war-torn country
Business - Economy
2/22/2013 2:22:21 PM
Israel issued permit for American-Israeli company Genie Energy to drill for oil on Syrian occupied Golan plateau
World - Region
2/17/2013 12:02:49 PM
Israeli soldiers give wounded Syrians initial medical treatment near the security fence along the frontier in the Golan Heights and then evacuated them to an Israeli hospital
World - Region
2/16/2013 6:24:43 PM
The Israeli military says that it treated five Syrians who had been wounded in fighting between government forces and rebels near security fence on the Golan Heights
World - International
1/6/2013 2:29:41 PM
Israel will erect new barrier along its border with Syria to protect itself from 'infiltrations and terror', says prime minister
World - Region
11/26/2012 10:09:08 AM
World - Region
11/25/2012 10:37:22 AM
Key dates in the life of the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, whose body will be exhumed Tuesday in response to those who doubt he died of health complications
World - Region
11/18/2012 9:35:44 AM
Israel says Syria soldiers are killed in a shooting against Al-Assad troops in the Golan Heights
World - Region
11/15/2012 1:04:05 PM
Gunfire from the raging civil war in Syria hit the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights
World - Region
11/12/2012 7:53:29 PM
In addition to domestic confrontations, Syria faces military battles with Turkey and Israel along border spots
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