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Life & Style - Style
7/10/2019 10:31:33 AM
Let’s talk about better living! Our interactive family corner aims to expand our lifestyle horizons with practical little pearls of wisdom from the editor and input from our readers
Life & Style - Food
12/12/2018 12:35:07 PM
Researchers are also looking into using cockroach extract in beauty masks, diet pills and even hair-loss treatments.
Life & Style - Style
9/6/2018 12:46:59 PM
First Natural Hair Festival Kicks Off in Zemalek
Life & Style - Style
8/1/2018 2:31:02 PM
Ahram Online talks with founder of The Hair Addict group, about Egyptians taking the leap to go for natural hair, and their first upcoming event to promote the trend
Sports - World
7/30/2018 11:49:59 AM
Life & Style - Health
5/6/2018 1:22:53 PM
The study cannot explain why a fright or severe illness might lead to rapid graying, but it may provide insights into the skin condition vitiligo
Life & Style - Style
4/15/2018 12:39:03 PM
Fashionable women, dark-haired Saudis and blonde Eastern Europeans alike, fill the gold-trimmed halls of Riyadh’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, marking the start of Saudi Arabia’s first-ever fashion show
Life & Style - Health
7/24/2017 2:20:08 PM
new immunotherapy drugs may restore hair pigment, at least in patients with lung cancer
World - International
10/19/2016 9:44:41 PM
Life & Style - Health
8/28/2016 12:22:39 PM
Balding men who seek to look better or younger by undergoing hair transplants are on the right course, a small new study suggests
Arts & Culture - Entertainment
6/26/2016 2:43:32 PM
Life & Style - Style
4/11/2016 2:44:10 PM
Katie Meade is the new face of hair rescue masque 'Fearless'
Life & Style - Style
4/5/2016 11:23:17 AM
Scientists identify the gene that causes grey hair and say the discovery could lead to new ways of delaying or preventing it.
Life & Style - Style
1/19/2016 3:52:58 PM
Five designer fashion shows, live hair styling and make up shows will be the focal point of the event
Folk - Folk Arts
1/9/2016 1:25:55 PM
The baldheaded woman brags about the hair of her niece
World - Region
12/15/2015 1:36:14 PM
World - International
7/9/2015 4:16:06 PM
Folk - Folk Arts
5/19/2015 9:27:08 AM
After his hair turned grey, they sent him to the (children’s) village school
Egypt - Politics
3/23/2015 2:53:37 PM
A teacher in Egypt's Fayoum cut a strand of a pupil's hair as punishment for not wearing the veil
World - Region
1/27/2015 9:01:23 PM
Some launch the hashtag #Michelle_Obama_NotVeiled, while others urge against criticism of the kingdom's most important ally
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