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9/13/2019 1:12:34 PM
Two historians whose work focuses on American art and on how African Americans have shaped the story of American democracy
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11/30/2017 3:08:34 PM
Peter Gran is among a wave of historians who challenged traditional narratives about Egypt during the Ottoman era, positing an inclusive global history in place of Eurocentrism
Heritage - Ancient Egypt
11/17/2016 9:22:34 PM
The prestigious debate society hosted students and art historians from Europe and the Middle East; those arguing for the return of artefacts to their countries of origin won the debate with 165 votes to 106
World - International
5/21/2015 6:00:39 PM
In a public lecture at the AUC, prominent South African historian calls for a broader understanding of South African history
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5/7/2014 8:51:43 PM
Wajih Kawtharani addresses how Lebanese historians have written about Lebanon and gives suggestions for the national path ahead
Arts & Culture - Visual Art
12/31/2013 10:03:03 AM
Over half a century after Nazis plundered thousand of artworks from museums and individuals, the campaign to recover lost art is far from finished. Art historians investigate German parliament's collections
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11/10/2013 7:25:55 PM
Egyptian authors and historians recently commemorated the 40th anniversary of the death of the 'dean of Arabic literature,' Taha Hussein, reflecting on the continued significance of his renaissance project
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11/4/2013 5:59:05 PM
Egypt's Supreme Council for Culture to host a number of literary critics and historians to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Taha Hussein on Thursday 7 Nov at 6pm
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6/4/2013 5:27:05 PM
New head of the National Library and Archives is expected to outrage Egyptian historians, since appointment comes in wave of sackings by Morsi-appointed culture minister
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12/31/2012 1:28:11 PM
At a recent conference, Egyptian historians and academics argue that religion has been used to serve authoritarian political interests since the East knew religion
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12/22/2012 1:26:55 PM
'Religion and Politics in Egypt Across the Ages' conference from 26 - 27 December will see the participation of well-known Egyptian figures and academians
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7/23/2012 3:32:32 PM
Historian El-Desuki argues that Morsi is a continuation of the previous regime; and that regime is characterised by how it fits with US interests
Egypt - Politics
6/5/2012 9:13:55 PM
Analysts, historians draw comparisons between Egyptian military's tarnished reputation after 1967 defeat and the post-revolution falling out between army and people
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4/11/2012 1:44:40 PM
The prominent historian and analyst discusses his latest book examining the 1952 Revolution and his views on the current political situation in Egypt at El-Cabina bookstore in Alexandria on Friday
World - Region
7/21/2011 5:08:52 PM
Iran's president calls for historians to compile documents on foreign occupation in the 1940s, with a view to filing an international lawsuit

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