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World - Region
9/12/2017 1:13:55 PM
World - Region
8/9/2014 12:26:15 PM
World - International
3/4/2014 5:42:10 PM
World - Region
1/13/2014 12:56:06 PM
World - Region
11/10/2013 11:52:28 AM
Ties between Iraq and Turkey had been rapidly improving in the run-up to the Syrian conflict, with multiple visits to Baghdad by both Davutoglu and Turkish PM Erdogan
World - Region
10/21/2013 1:16:47 PM
Brahimi goes into talks aimed at ending Syria's civil war with Iraq's PM al-Maliki as soon as he arrived Baghdad
World - Region
7/13/2013 11:39:26 AM
Iraqi Foreign Minister Zebari says if West does not want Iran to arm Al-Bashar's regime through Iraqi airspace, they are invited to help Iraq stop the flights
World - Region
6/27/2013 7:51:02 PM
The UN Security Council is step closer to ending United Nations sanctions imposed on Iraq more than two decades ago after Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait In 1990
World - Region
6/20/2013 1:23:00 PM
Iraq’s foreign minister says his country is caught in the middle of regional turmoil caused by the Syrian crisis
World - Region
5/26/2013 1:54:12 PM
Syria's FM says al-Assad's regime has agreed in principle to participate in the international conference which is supposed to be convened in Geneva
World - Region
12/6/2012 10:46:15 AM
UN chief Ban Ki-moon arrives at the Iraqi capital Baghdad, after his visit to Kuwait, for talks with FM Hoshyar Zebari
World - Region
6/23/2012 2:42:10 PM
World - Region
3/27/2012 9:47:34 AM
As the Arab world faces financial woes in the aftermath of the Arab Spring, economy, finance and trade ministers are scheduled to discuss solutions in Baghdad ahead of a the Arab League summit on Thursday
World - Region
12/18/2011 3:33:34 PM
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari will be the key negotiator in an initiative between the Syria regime and opposition seeking to end months of brutality against peaceful protesters by President Assad's security forces
World - Region
11/26/2011 12:23:37 PM
Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari said on Saturday that it was "not possible" to impose economic sanctions on Syria due to its commercial ties with Iraq and the large number of Iraqi refugees there
World - Region
10/31/2011 3:45:16 PM
Iran's foreign minister says the US is not following a "rational" approach in its reported plans to increase its military presence in the Gulf after it withdraws from Iraq
World - Region
10/18/2011 12:40:22 PM
Turkey blitzes northern Iraq's autonomous Kurdistan region, a Kurdish rebel spokesman says

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