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World - International
12/10/2011 4:03:35 PM
The US ambassador to China urges Beijing to improve its human rights record, asserting that the protection of human rights had not kept up with the country's massive economic gains
World - Region
12/10/2011 4:00:46 PM
Human rights groups count nine civilians killed by the Assad regime's security forces Friday, some from torture
World - Region
12/10/2011 12:18:13 PM
A fresh round of attacks on Friday by Al-Assad's security forces leave 41 civilians dead, including 7 children, with the total civilian death tolls throughout the 9-month uprising at 4,000
Arts & Culture - Film
12/8/2011 2:40:26 PM
Link-up between Jordan's Karama International Film Festival (6-10 December) and the Cairo International Film Festival (CIFF) will see a special section on human rights in the next round of CIFF
World - Region
12/8/2011 1:57:19 PM
Prosecution of athletes who took part in anti-regime protests should halt as Bahrain shelves cases in an effort to secure US arms deal
World - Region
12/7/2011 11:45:40 AM
An Israel rights groups says that more than a third of the Palestinian complaints against Israeli in the last decade were dismissed without a criminal investigation
World - Region
12/4/2011 2:47:41 PM
Arab League gives Syria until Sunday to respond to its proposal to send observers to the country as part of a plan to end the political violence there
World - Region
12/4/2011 1:21:36 PM
Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says security forces loyal to President Al-Assad have killed five people including three children
Elections 2011 - News
12/4/2011 11:03:22 AM
Essam el-Erian says Muslim Brotherhood wants to apply the basics of Shariah law in a fair way that respects human rights and personal rights
World - Region
12/3/2011 5:24:48 PM
Assad regime rejects the UN Human Rights Council that condemned the human rights violations against peaceful protesters
World - Region
12/3/2011 3:43:11 PM
Thousands of Ennahada Islamist party supporters descend to confront liberal demonstrators rallying against extremism in the Tunisian capital as lawmakers draft a new constitution
World - Region
12/3/2011 1:22:29 PM
The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 15 people were killed at midnight in the northern city of Idlib
World - Region
12/3/2011 10:14:08 AM
After the UN inquiry into Syria reported torture and the slaughter of citizens, the UN Human Rights Council's next step is to refer it to the UN Secretary Ban Ki-moon to press for action
World - Region
12/2/2011 3:00:44 PM
The storming of Britain's embassy in Tehran this week will likely deepen the isolation of Iran, which is already criticised for its nuclear programme, human rights record and alleged support for militants
World - Region
12/2/2011 3:12:00 AM
UN rights chief describes the Syrian regime crackdown on peaceful protesters as "slaughter and arbitrary" saying that at lest 4,000 people were killed during the uprising including 307 children
World - Region
12/1/2011 4:26:32 PM
A human rights group reports the death of at least eight civilians in Syria's inflamed provinces of Hama and Homs, reaching the death toll to 3,500 people since the mid-March popular uprising according to UN estimate
World - Region
11/30/2011 12:42:13 PM
Report compiled by international human rights watchdogs reveal hundreds of refugees, the majority of which are from African nations, have been held captive in 'torture camps' in the Sinai
World - Region
11/29/2011 6:20:30 PM
The Human Rights Council has previously accused Bashar Assad of crimes against humanity
World - Region
11/28/2011 2:28:09 PM
Five political activists in the United Arab Emirates received a presidential pardon on Monday and are to be released from custody just a day after they were convicted of anti-state crimes,
World - Region
11/27/2011 1:03:14 PM
Intense pressure comes to bear on Kuwait's public prosecutor over seven activists, but the detention of 24 others is extended for storming parliament during protest on 16 November demanding its dissolution
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