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World - Region
10/23/2020 8:51:33 PM
Palestinian Islamist group Hamas said Friday's Israel-Sudan accord harms both Palestinians and Sudanese national interests
World - International
9/10/2020 9:00:22 PM
Mike Pompeo will leave Washington on Thursday to attend the long-delayed peace talks between the Taliban and Afghan government negotiators which will begin Saturday in Qatar
World - Region
8/24/2020 9:15:19 AM
Israel has bombed Gaza, run by the Islamist group Hamas, almost daily since August 6, while balloons carrying fire bombs and, less frequently, rocket fire have hit Israel from Gaza
World - Region
8/16/2020 9:10:00 AM
Over the past week Israeli forces have carried out repeated night-time strikes on targets linked to the Islamist group Hamas, which controls the Israeli-besieged Gaza Strip
Opinion -
4/5/2020 1:43:00 PM
Desperation and fear are wellsprings for extremist recruiting, not least in the Arab world, with radical Islamic groups jockeying to benefit from the Covid-19 pandemic
World - International
12/15/2019 1:25:47 PM
For Islamic groups, the opposition, rights activists and others in India, the new law is seen as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Hindu-nationalist agenda to marginalise India's 200 million Muslims
World - Region
5/2/2019 5:58:26 PM
The end of the rule of president Abdel-Aziz Bouteflika in Algeria has raised questions about how to integrate the Islamist groups in the post-Bouteflika era
World - International
4/27/2019 7:19:02 PM
World - Region
4/1/2019 10:18:36 AM
Analysis -
11/24/2018 6:07:51 PM
Numerous armed Islamist groups continue to plague the East African region and especially Somalia as a result of the fragmentation of the country and the lack of central authority
Arts & Culture - Music
12/25/2017 2:51:43 PM
World - International
11/19/2017 3:11:18 PM
World - Region
10/12/2017 3:00:36 PM
World - Region
8/1/2017 9:50:53 PM
World - International
7/18/2017 12:23:38 PM
Egypt - Politics
6/11/2017 6:25:35 PM
The Islamist group is now viewed with more suspicion in Germany, possibly linked to terror attacks, according to Ambassador Badr Abdelatty
World - Region
6/5/2017 4:36:00 PM
Yemen and Libya's eastern government have joined Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE in severing ties with Qatar on Monday morning, citing its support for Islamist groups and attempts at destabilization within the region
World - Region
5/28/2017 1:23:34 PM
World - International
4/4/2017 8:58:12 AM
World - Region
1/6/2017 10:27:59 AM
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